The Mighty Ra – All Secrets Known

The Mighty Ra – All Secrets Known

The Mighty Ra: All Secrets Known
1. All Secrets Known
2. Nothing Comes Too Easy
3. Freedom (i.Liberta ii. La Fuga)
4. Will We Ever Know
5. Seven Days
6. Rising Tide
7. Rain
8. Bigger Lie

Andy Edwards – Guitar and vocals
Dave Rowe – Bass guitar and vocals
Rob Wilsher – Keyboards and backing vocals
Rob Griffiths – Drums and backing vocals

I don’t normally say this in the opening line of a review, but this album can be summed up in just three words… ‘A Prog Masterclass’.

As the album begins, we are formally introduced to The Mighty Ra in a 9-minute epic of a title track that highlight so many of the talents that these seasoned musicians bring to the recording desk. The quality of the writing, the majestic playing, (especially Andy Edwards guitar solos) and the sheer diversity contained in this very strong opening number is truly a joy to listen to.

‘Nothing Comes Too Easy’ is a riff driven rock number that should give the band a bit of airplay with its more commercial, melodic sound. This is a steady, fast paced track that continues to impress.

Next up we have the stunning ‘Freedom’. ‘Freedom’ begins with a Wild West themed entrance that merges into an attacking, heavy number. You almost feel that you are on horseback galloping along to this one. We have a nice bit of keyboard versus guitar duelling going on in the mid-section here, Rob Wilsher and Andy Edwards on top form.

‘Will We Ever Know’ asks the tough questions. So many questions, but no answers. Dave Rowe’s excellent bass reminds me of early Wishbone Ash. The track has some great moments and is very trippy in places hinting at early Gong and Hawkwind.

Next up is ‘Seven Days’. I love this track, it is the warm, snuggly blanket track of the album. I can’t quite put my finger on why, maybe because it ticks a lot of boxes; Thundering drums by Rob Griffiths; Intricate bass work by Dave Rowe; Edgy, hard-hitting guitars and sweeping synth work. Yep, that’s probably why.

The album continues with ‘Rising Tide’. Another superbly performed track. Amazing harmony vocals carry us along a beautiful journey, trying to get home. There are so many ‘moments on this album, I strongly urge you to listen to ‘Rising Tide’ very, very closely. The intricate playing is again astounding, but it’s all the ‘extras’ added, those, ‘little things’ that make it so special.

‘Rain’ rocks. An explosive number that grabs you from the off. The Mighty Ra can rock it out when they want to.

The album saves the best ‘til last. Considering that we have already been treated to 50 minutes of awesome Prog Rock, we now come to the album’s Magnum Opus, 12 and a half minutes of majesty, power and grace, in the form of ‘Bigger Lie’. You know that feeling you got when you first heard ‘Stargazer’ or ‘Comfortably Numb? Do you remember sitting there in stunned silence for a few seconds after that initial listen? Well that it what ‘Bigger Lie’ just did to me. I kid you not.

The enormous scope of ‘Bigger Lie’ is frightening. It is hugely powerful, hard hitting and filled with anger and despair. Again, there is so much crammed into this epic. Andy Edwards’ guitar solo is so Gilmouresque that I bet old Dave is checking his practice tapes just in case. The closing section will give you goosebump as you raise your fist in the air, whilst screaming “We need a bigger lie!”  

I pray that you get the chance to hear this track and when you do, play it loudly, no, make that, very loudly.

So, I said at the beginning of this review that this is a prog masterclass. Well, ‘All Secrets Known’ is simply that, it is a masterclass in the art of progressive music. If you like Pink Floyd, you will love All Secrets Known. If you like Machines Dream, you’ll love All Secrets Known. If you love a song that has depth, atmosphere, well driven basslines, classic synths, excellent, well written music, lyrics that will make you angry, make you sad and make you think, then All Secrets Known is the album for you.  I cannot express enough just how pleasing it is to hear a new album in 2022 that makes me feel so excited about what is out there.

You can but The Mighty Ra – Al lSecrets Known from White Knight Records

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