The Lowsiders

The Lowsiders

The Lowsiders Come Loaded With Indie Rock Goodness

Ohio based indie rock group The Lowsiders come with hailstorm of fuzz and fun with their new record “Can’t Stop The World From Spinning”. Guitar lines and catchy choruses is the name of the game with this album and the songs get engraved into your brain upon even the first listen. Among the songs is the “Revolutions” single, one of the songs that gets radio friendly without losing its experimental edge whatsoever. The record is full of great surprises and sew together some of the best forms of rock music to create a beast of an album. If you like classic rock or  even 90’s rock, these guys have it covered. Here is what The Lowsiders had to say about the release:

“I think more than anything ‘Revolutions’ really captures the sound of the album. Grooving drums that drive the tune, reverb, great tone, and a lot of the themes to a certain extent from a lyrical perspective.”

Nathan Edmunds
Matt Warner
David Taggart

The Lowsiders – Revolutions

The Lowsiders – Disney Girl

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