The Long War

New single “Robot Heart,”

It was born out of finding a glimmer of happiness during a lonely time, cooped up through the fall months. Staring out the window watching crows fly above as they do in Vancouver every single day at the same time to the same spot, over and over again.

The message of this song alludes to my own default habits in matters of the heart and my longing to reprogram myself, to stop making the same mistakes time and time again.

This song’s upbeat nature forced us to get away from our mid tempo tendencies and push a little harder, thinking outside of the box. It’s a good driving tune, complete with a touch of weirdness in the bridge reminiscent of a trippy dream sequence.

We hope that you can hear the next phase of our evolution as the band in this track and that you can have fun with it – it’s a song to dance to.

The Long War is a shared battle story between five people who have each fought to actualize their dream of becoming musicians. Unified onstage, in the studio and on record they are a shared belief, proof that the journey is worth the war. 

 But if not for one fateful night in Dawson City, The Long War might have never happened.  It was there that singer / songwriter Jarrett Lee landed after leaving his hometown of Ottawa, a frustrated and disillusioned cover musician.  He traveled across Canada trying to make sense of life. Inevitably, he ended up another lost soul drawn to the silence of the Yukon. It was there, under the northern lights, that the spell was broken.  His muse was born on the horizon and the songs began to spill out of him. 

 An invisible pull guided Jarrett toward Vancouver and his next chapter – autobiographical tales that reflect the landscapes and places that have inspired him as well the people who have come and gone throughout it all.  “I see the world as a collage of moving pictures and so I try to write and produce songs that capture the cinematic essence of life.”

 Building out from this foundation of storytelling Chad Gilmour (guitar / vocals), Jess Lee (keyboards / vocals), Neil Williamson (drums) and Jonny Battistuzzi (bass) each come to The Long War through their own journeys and provide support in beautiful musical and vocal arrangements.  With lasting hooks and strong melodies the band’s sophomore release UNDER A HEAVY SKY is  cathartic, deeply personal and speaks to those who have both loved and lost. 

 Formed in Vancouver in 2016, The Long War won the 2017 CBC Searchlight Contest and their song Breathe In Breathe Out was listed as one of CBC Music’s Top 100 songs that year. Their first album LANDSCAPES debuted on CBC First Play and the band has been featured on Q with Tom Power and in the pages of Canadian Musician Magazine. They’ve toured across Canada performing at the CBC Music Festival in Toronto, Banff Performance In The Park as well as the reopening of Ottawa’s National Arts Centre as part of the Canada 150 Celebrations and the Break Out West stage at Folk Alliance International in Montreal. 

 The Long War is a war of attrition.  It is a shared philosophy between five people all on the same path that through hard work and honesty, beautifully authentic music can be made.

The Long War – Robot Heart

The Long War – Once in a Lifetime

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