The Listros

The Listros
Resemblance EP + Lead Single “Love is All Around”
11 June 2021

The Listros – “Resemblance” EP + Lead Single “Love is All Around”

 For fans of:
Hans Zimmer, The Black Keys, Tame Impala, Hozier, U2

 Single + EP Release Date: June 11
“The Making of Resemblance” Podcast 

Track List:

 “Lonely Star” / ISRC:  QZNWZ2068865
“Numbers” / ISRC:  QZES92158370
 “Feel Your Touch” / ISRC: QZNWS2043234  
 “House of the Rising Sun” / ISRC: QZDA61926937
 “Love is All Around” / ISRC: QZHN52143706
“Lonely Star (Extended)” / ISRC: QZHN52143707
“Numbers (Extended)” / ISRC: QZHN52143708

Distrokid UPC: 196167919979
Label: Independent

The band will be playing a Live-Stream concert on their YouTube Channel for their EP launch party this Thursday, June 10 at 8:30PM EST. Make sure to tune in to their stadium-like performance (which they actually perform in their Toronto apartment), You’ll be in for some high-energy musical performance, a lot of laughs, and get a first listen into their original tunes off of this EP and even their upcoming album set to launch in the next year. 

The history of life on this planet relies on an infinite web of human connections. Nobody in this world stands alone, and that is what stadium alt-rock brothers, The Listros, convey in their debut EP, Resemblance. 

The title of the EP is not only in reference to the physical and blood resemblance Sean and Evan Listro share, but the “resemblance every human being has to each other.”

“So that’s no matter what race, religion, or class you belong to. It’s about looking at our similarities rather than our differences,” The Listros say.

Every song on Resemblance is meant to be universal and relatable, especially the perhaps paramount lead single climax of the EP, “Love is All Around.” 

“Love is All Around” starts similarly to the second track “Numbers,” with an atmospheric acoustic arpeggio and soon morphs into an orchestral rock ballad about empathetic inclusivity. With the instrumentation of lead guitars, monolithic drum beats, and sparse string arrangements, “Love is All Around,” feels like it could fit in the James Bond cinematic pantheon. 

The lyric video, with its sporadic colour tones, could also work as an opening credit for the next Bond film, taking inspiration from Adele’s “Skyfall.” 

The opening track “Lonely Star,” a dystopian funk-rock parable about the pitfalls of social media notoriety beautifully sets the gritty/dystopian tone for Resemblance. Next “Numbers” chimes in with its message about the internal struggle so many of us have felt when deciding to take on a new outlet in life. 

“Feel Your Touch” talks about the tantalizing coercion of one of the deadly sins: Lust. It’s true that “to lust is human,” but sometimes it disguises itself as love. And that can be the lust for a person, fame, money, power—anything and everything. 

The Listros, self-proclaimed “mad scientists” in the studio with a cornucopia of musical influences, have created an EP that shows a blend of all of their personalities. They can be methodical and direct in their lyricism and instrumentation, or downright experimental and goofy. The EP has a little taste of each and a glorious cover of “House of the Rising Sun.”

“It’s all about the human experience and condition,” the brothers say.

And isn’t that what we crave in a piece of music? Relatability and the reminder that we are all part of the human experience?  Resemblance is that reminder and offers a brief escape.

Song Credits

Written by: The Listros
Produced by:  The Listros
Performed by: The Listros (Sean Listro – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Cello Samples & Evan Listro- Drums)
Mixed by: Logan Trearty
Mastered by: Conor Salmoral


“Resemblance” EP – 2021
“Numbers” single – 2021

“Lonely Star” single – 2021

“Feel Your Touch” single – 2020
“House of the Rising Sun” cover – 2019

The Listros – Love Is All Around

The Listros – Numbers

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