The Landed

The Landed

The new video and single from Colchester band, The Landed is called Don’t Look Up to the Stars and you can see the video below.
It follows the journey of the band from their childhood through to the present day and is ultra cute!
On the song, the band said:
“The song comes from a sense of injustice.  The world is full of so much talent and yet we seem more and more to find entertainment in the lives of people who are famous for absolutely nothing. Moreover it’s scary that the younger generation is obsessed with such people and the shows they feature in. 

There’s something about the volatile power struggle between two brothers and the two acting peace makers that just make a band work. It’s certainly been the case for The Landed who have been together for many years now. 

The result can be heard in their sound which is catchy yet flamboyant with the instruments set alight by that simmering sibling rivalry. 

The Landed make classic,  air-punching guitar driven songs. The kind of songs you write when you’ve grown up loving all the right records, something these four young men from Essex thank their parents for. 

Members:  Paul Hale, David Hale, Dan Currie, Paul Jannece

The Landed – Don’t Look Up To The Stars

The Landed – She is a fire

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