The Hurt Attack

The Hurt Attack

The hurt attack

THE HURT ATTACK!! Started in 2015 With Singer Song Writer Phil Turner (guitar,vocals) and members Jay Vibes Kandler (bass) & David Smith (guitar,production). More recent additions after some live sessions in 2016 came from Geoff Shields adding keys and ambience to the music,
Neil Jones joined on drums soon after to complete the full line up.

The themes are moody and dark but hopeful at the same time,they site grunge, alt country , and electronica as influences. The band enjoyed three releases in 2016 through New York based Label Factory Fast Records, ‘Reflections’ was released in March on the ‘Under the sea’ compilation, this was followed by ‘Art of stealing’ in June on the album The Art of Stealing and finally ‘loaded words’ on the ‘Perfect Ache’ Album. As a band they have good times especially LIVE and state the following, Music can heal,consume, influence, we hope you find something from our songs. We have many influences, but the main one being life and all that it throws your way, heartbreak, regret, love, tragedy, hope fear , loneliness, and finally an ending but for now let’s amp up drink , let love defeat hate party and enjoy the ride, Peace To All.

Gigs in July 2017 folks

Upcoming Shows
Jul 08
8:00 PM in Doncaster, UK

**New date
July 15th

Mount pleasant pub

Jul 28
The Underground
8:00 PM in Barnsley, UK

Bring on the noise

The Hurt Attack – Reflections

The Hurt Attack – Loaded Words

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