The Heat Inc. – Asleep In The Ejector Seat

The Heat Inc. – Asleep In The Ejector Seat

The HEAT Inc. Asleep In The Ejector Seat released 28.07.23

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Asleep In The Ejector Seat
   01 Souvenir
   02 Draw Blood For Proof
   03 Little Knuckle Charlie 
   04 ’98
   05 This Thing Called Love
   06 Akasaka Murder Squad
   07 Get Wild
   08 Ms. Willie Mae
   09 Samson
   10 Ultraviolence

The Heat Inc.
Jon Dodd – Vocals
Marco Simoncelli – Guitar
Nicolas Rigot – Bass
Maurizio Vitale – Drums


London’s self-proclaimed loudest Rock ‘n’ Roll band release their debut album ‘Asleep In The Ejector Seat’ on the 28th July via Punk Fox Records. The band have been gathering quite a following lately with high powered live performances, airplay on BBC Radio and lead up singles that have shot this 4 piece into the media spotlight.

Kicking off with the thumping ‘Souvenir’, immediately we are treated to some swaggering Jon Dodd vocals, this track is edgy and raw with screeching guitars, thundering drums and a rolling bassline, ‘Souvenir’ is a great introduction to what is to come. ‘Draw Blood For Proof’ is a more traditional rocker with excellent backing vocals almost challenging the lead vocal in a shouty Sham 69, punk fashion.

Nicolas Rigot’s deep bass drives ‘Little Knuckle Charlie’ and the swaying guitars of Marco Simoncelli helps create a heavy, ballsy vibe. ”98′ goes down a much more commercial avenue, sounding a lot like Pulp at their best ”98′ has all the usual The Heat Inc. magic with just a little bit of flash added in the mix. ‘This Thing Called Love’ is very atmospheric. Bluesy at the start with an all you can eat buffet of power in the chorus. The energy as the band let rip is astounding.

‘Akasaka Murder Squad’ begins with the awesome thumping drums of Maurizio Vitale as the band lays into this mini epic. We are treated again to the stunning bass work of Nicolas Rigot on ‘Get Wild’. I love the lead guitar on this track. It’s quite anthemic in its development, with a touch of fist in the air bravado.

The attack of a band on fire is the only way to introduce the next track ‘Ms. Willie Mae’. Firing on all cylinders, The Heat Inc know how to push that dial up to 11. ‘Ms. Willie Mae’ is brutal rock at it’s best. ‘Samson’ shines a light on Jon Dodd’s brilliant vocals, deep and calm only to get manic and angry later. The whole band meld together to create a stunning piece of modern rock.

The album closes with ‘Ultraviolence’. Get those lighters ready, this is the ballady stadium one.The band reveal their leaner side with this wonderfully beautiful fan favourite. What a fantastic way to end the album.

The album, which comes out on limited edition coloured vinyl, boasts 10 tracks that will leave you in no doubt that all the recent rave reviews about the band’s live performances and media attention are not just hype. This band really are the dog’s wotsits.

I urge you to seek out this album and PLAY IT LOUD.

Pete Devine for Pete’s Rock News and Views

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