The Golden Leaves

The Golden Leaves

“City of Lights is the first ever album from The Golden Leaves. With a couple singles along with an EP they have made a steady entry in the rock sphere. City of Lights is filled with everything from pulsating garage punk tracks, riffing brit rock and melodious ballads. The band has not made many restrictions on itself except that they want to play ball kicking rock music.

The band consists of:

David Nikolaisen on vocals
Javier Campos on guitar
Torleiv Berge on guitar
Arthur Wiik on bass
Christian Sundet on drums

Their punching sound on tracks like Overexposed, John Dillinger and Invite Me makes the listener headbang while the title track among other are a bit more contained. Hope you’ll take the time to listen through.

The Golden Leaves is a rock band from Trondheim, Norway. We try our best to make music that you can enjoy listening to and we enjoy playing. Cause playing gigs is probably the most fun thing we’ll do before we die. Our fans make the shows memorable, for instance, this summer at Hillbilly Huckfest a small crew gathered together and trashed a giant bean bag.

Stagediving isn’t quite what we’re good at, but Torleiv produces enough sweat for the whole room to taste. On the picture above, he’s either working out with his new program or knocking out our bass player Arthur. He on the other hand focuses all his rocking passion into a steady bassline or some other crazy stuff Javier has told him to do. Javier is not in the picture, he’s busy slaying some melodic guitar solos over the monitors. A huge T-rex sits behind the rest of us, trying to figure out which one he will knockout first if we mess up a note. And then there’s David, he’s up in front singing with his tender voice. Sometimes he forgets to sing clean and shows of his inner demon with a loud scream. The rest of the band responds to it by playing even harder. And then there’s you. You are standing in front of this crazy ensemble and wondering what the hell you’re doing there. Thank you for that.

The Golden Leaves – Rebel

The Golden Leaves – Overexposed

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