The Dame

The Dame

The Dame is a progressive rock band formed in 2015 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Their debut album was released in February 2018 and their music style comes from many influences: Pink Floyd to Marillion. 
They like to describe their music as a sexy version of Progressive Rock. 
Their debut album brings you back to the romantic era of the roaring twenties. Hidden back room bars, smokey night clubs, liquor in coffee mugs…when gentlemen were stylish and ladies were sexy chic. The Dame, she is sensual, feminine and smooth…that is until the guitars start roaring. 
In the summer of 2017, a motley crew of musicians walked into the Holland Spoor Studios in The Hague. Ranging in age from 15 to 50 and coming from very different backgrounds. In their version of progressive rock (or neoprog, as it has been called), they try to give everything a feminine touch. Not just the music, but the entire look and feel. Just a little more beauty, a little more passion and a little more sexy chic 
During the course of six months, they gave their debut album everything they had and more. They killed their darlings, trimmed what needed trimming, changed what needed changing. And there it was; their very first professional recording. All lyrics written by Marian van Charante and all music by Stephen de Ruijter. Except for ‘Thy Father’s Bidding’  and ‘Water Tumbles Down’ the music for these songs were written by father and son De Ruijter. 
They proudly present to you: ’Losing sight of what you want’ 
The Dame would say:  Let’s Misbehave! 
  • Marian van Charante – Lead & backing vocals, guitar
  • Stephen de Ruijter – Lead guitar
  • Michel Krempel – Bass
  • Thijs de Ruijter – Keyboards
  • Ruben Meibergen – Drums

The Dame – Losing Sight of What You Want

The Dame – General Disarray

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