The Crowleys

Simply put, our new song “Making Friendly” is about making friends. A process that can be full of uncertainty, vulnerability and excitement. Making honest connections can be maze-like. How do you know if someone will accept you? Which version of yourself should you put forward? How do you know which cues to follow and which to let go? 

 “Making Friendly” is available everywhere you stream music, concluding that when you let go of the anxiety, new friendships are possible and big things often start small. 🌹

The original working title, “Arcade,” was inspired by a used video game store that has an arcade with vintage games in the basement. We like going there on breaks in between long practice sessions. One day after playing our favourite game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and subsequently running out of quarters, we came back and wrote a lot of this song. 

Ethereal tones, scintillating riffs and shimmering melodies. The Crowleys merge mind-bending psychedelic rock with bubblegum melodies that will blow your mind and have you dancing along impulsively.

Stuart Downie- Drums, Backing Vocals
Giuliana Frontini – Vocals, Percussion
Kaulin Horlick- Bass
Justyn Horlick- Guitar, Keys
Cohen Wylie- Guitar, Lead Vocals

The Crowleys – Making Friendly

The Crowleys – Simple Reflection

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