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​​ ‘You’re Never Home’ from The Cowls’ new Buying Drugs from Ghosts EP released on Analogue Trash

The Cowls’ new Buying Drugs from Ghosts EP looks at nostalgia, change, and isolation from a surprisingly spectral perspective

The Cowls’ Damion Jurrens has never been one to rest on his laurels. Constantly creating new tracks and always seeking to challenge himself musically, his latest EP, Buying Drugs from Ghosts, sees him frame its five songs around an intriguing premise. It’s one many of us will be able to relate to, however.

Says Damion, “The songs on Buying Drugs from Ghosts are written from the perspective of ghosts haunting abandoned houses. The idea came to me as I was looking at pictures of my childhood home online. The pictures were street view shots of a house overgrown with trees and weeds. No one has lived there in over a decade, and much of the neighbourhood (and city) surrounding it is abandoned.

“The pictures depressed me more than a little, so I decided to work on songs from the perspective of a ghost living in the attic of my old house. The ghost has no idea that it’s dead – an idea I explore in Don’t Mean to Brag – but it knows that it is alone.

“The songs are about loneliness, isolation, confusion, and the occasional touch of nostalgia. The narrative thread of each song is fragmented and stream-of-consciousness. Items from the past and present conflate and intertwine. There is never a resolution or explanation. Just days upon years of emptiness.”

Sonically, the EP’s five tracks are packed full of The Cowls’ signature mix of lo-fi indie, electronica, but there are hints of evolution, shifting influences, and reflections of the world today in the songs’ musical DNA. Damion continues:

“The musical backdrop that accompanies the songs is upbeat and optimistic. The instrumentation varies quite a bit, with some songs composed of pieces of outtakes and others built from basic guitar parts. A few of these songs started out as hazy dream pop. In fact, I was listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins when I wrote and recorded the EP. That influence on my own sound came into focus as I began mixing the tracks ready for release.”

Buying Drugs from Ghosts will be released on the 2nd of September 2022 via AnalogueTrash. The EP will be available on Bandcamp and from all major streaming and downloading services.

The Cowls – You’re Never Home

The Cowls – With a Stupid Face

The Cowls – Obsequious

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