The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara


“After several listens I had developed a connection to the beautiful words and powerful music. The more I listened, the greater this connection became…I felt an almost personal relationship to the album….Full Spectrum” is, by far, my album of 2021. The benchmark is set really high with this one and I cannot foresee anything else coming close to it.
Album Review of Full Spectrum by Peter Devine, Pete’s Rock News And Views

THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA TCOMAS releasED their debut album’s lead track, “At The Worlds End”, as a single and video on February 5, 2021.

About the song:

“At The Worlds End” imagines the world in the end times to raise awareness on the effects of man’s actions on our planet. The song is told through the eyes of two lovers, who exchange a final declaration of love, on the last day on earth. The song also offers a glimpse of a possible future, and the hope of a new world, when they pledge to meet each other again, “where it all began, at The Worlds End”. 


THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA are a London-based duo comprising Daphne Ang (Singapore) and Andrea Papi (Italy). 

Coming together in early 2020 to record their debut album FULL SPECTRUM, the duo are fast establishing their niche in music, as pioneers of a new form of expression through the performance of poetry in their genre-defying music.

Drawing inspiration from TOOL and Kraftwerk, as well as the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and Jim Morrison, TCOMAS continues to fill a gap in music by bringing literature, art, and history together into a space where rock and metal meets electronic. Their musical and lyrical themes are very much rooted in the duo’s interests in classical literature and theatre, as well as in the fields of philosophy, history, and psychology. 

The pair are already making waves with their experimental poetry-infused music. Their latest single, “Love in the Time of Pestilence“, was recently featured on the Spotify Editorial playlists, “Progressive Metal” [personalised], and “The oTHERS“, consecrating the new band’s music with “the most innovative and forward thinking metal of today”. The promising buzz from their monthly single release campaigns propelled them to release their full-length debut album, ‘FULL SPECTRUM‘, on Feb 26. 2021.


Sweeping across the wide spectrum of music genres – from progressive rock to techno, metal to ambient and electronic, and back to rock, ‘FULL SPECTRUM’ is truly a reflection and affirmation of the musical ingenuity and lyrical virtuosity of The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara. The songs are arranged in a way that it takes listeners through the Full Spectrum of human experience and emotion. Each song is a complete experience on its own, each blending different influences and styles, while also continuing and building upon the meaning and message presented in the previous. 

Epic, ambitious, yet cohesive as a whole, ‘FULL SPECTRUM’ traverses dystopia and utopian worlds, balancing dark and grim reminders of human mortality with triumphant moments of hope and individual agency, opening up avenues for listeners to escape beyond the crisis and harsh realities of the current times – into the sphere of the transcendent and the numinous.

‘FULL SPECTRUM’ will be released worldwide on February 26, 2021 on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. The album will also be available for purchase in digital format.

‘FULL SPECTRUM’ – Debut album of The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, releasing worldwide on February 26, 2021. The 67 minute-long album will include previously released singles and 5 new tracks [6: “Message for the King”, 8: “Tcomas S01 E01″, 9: “Full Spectrum”, 10: “At The Worlds End”, 11: “The Great News”]. The album was recorded between February and June 2020, at the artists’ home studio in Camden Town during the first London Lockdown.

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – At The World’s End

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Love In The Time Of Pestilence

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Deus Ex Machina

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Psychopath’s Monologue

The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara – Atoms

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