The Bridge

The Bridge


Hailing from Chile, The Bridge born in 2010 when Alex and Jeff decided to create a rock progressive band. So many friends get into the proyect, and now Francisco and Luis follow this music ideas.  The Album Debut was recorded in 2011 and played live during 2012 – 2014. The finally mastering was made in 2016 and ready to rock the world.

The Music

Created by Jeff and arranged by Alex, The Album Debut is a concept album, where melodies go back and forward anytime, to give you the sensation of circularity.

Live concert Blu-ray/CD Live and Mirrors recorded in Santiago Chile, released March 2018

The second album by The Bridge, Reunion again Created by Jeff and arranged by Alex is available to pre order and will be released on 2nd June 2018

The Lyrics

The Album Debut talk about how you must use masks and not be you to get success, and lose the real you. At the end, you find the inside power to release from the fake mask and just be you… a beautiful yourself.

 Special Announcement

Out on 2nd June 2018 the new album Reunion

The Bridge – Reunion teaser

The Bridge – Selfish Mind

The Bridge – World of Men

The Bridge – A New Day

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