The Bridge – Reunion

The Bridge – Reunion

Part I. When You’re Broken (15:15 min)

1 Overture 2; 2 Wasted Life; 3 Forgiveness

Part II. Memories From The Past (10:19 min)

4 Remorse; 5 Days Gone; 6 Your Memories

Part III. Anger Divine (11:41 min)

7 Selfish Mind; 8 Freedom Calling

Part IV. My Way Back (18:23 min)

9 Shield For Me; 10 Psalm XV; 11 Prodigal Son/ Reprise; 12 Reunion (Together As One)

So it’s only April and it looks like a possible contender for album of the year has been dropped through my letterbox. “Reunion” is the latest piece of prog rock genius by the Chilean prog masters The Bridge.

Set into 4 sections “Reunion” is a concept album. Music, lyrics, mix and mastering by Jeff Michell at Reflexion Records Santiago in early 2018. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals by Jeff Michell, with drums by Alex Labrana recorded at Overdrive Studios. 

“Reunion” certainly takes us on a journey, an emotional quest of the inner demons that could plague us all. A journey of lost faith, self doubt and loathing, A journey that so many soles face and struggle with. So let the journey begin….

“Part I. When You’re Broken” begins with the superb “Overture 2″ It’s church organ intro and pensive heart beat sound effect setting the tension to a true high as the ‘overture’ strikes in earnest. There is some incredible drum work here as”Overture 2” lets fly into a heavy prog filled display of musical excellence. This is The Bridge’s 2112 Overture for sure. The pace slows a little for “Wasted Life” Jeff Michell’s vocal adding an eerie, almost angry edge to the tale. Beautiful Spanish guitar gets thrown into the mix along with the sweetest of lead guitar solos, to make this track so special. “Forgiveness” follows, but who is asking who for forgiveness? At an almost lamented pace “Forgiveness” flows majestically until we are taken to the harder climax…brilliant.

“Part II. Memories From The Past” begins with the thumping instrumental “Remorse” as heavy as King Crimson and as complex as ELP. “Remorse” conjures insane imagery as the music breaks, twists and thunders around us. “Days Gone”  features even more brilliant drumming and an anthemic chorus, this track builds and builds and becomes quite a gem among gems. Again we are spoiled by another wonderful guitar solo. “Your Memories” is quite a sad, reflective track and very graceful. The angelic backing vocals from Barbara Pendola really add to the dynamic of this alluring track quite exquisitely.

“Part III. Anger Divine” begins with a massive attack on the senses with the hard hitting “Selfish Mind”, very heavy with some awesome guitar shredding by Carlos Hernandez and a riff that will keep your head moving throughout. “Freedom Calling” echos Dio at his rocking best. A real head shaker with a stunning Hammond organ solo by Bosco Aguilar. Fast paced and dazzlingly played “Freedom Calling” would make a superb single and a quality introduction to The Bridge.

“Part IV. My Way Back” The final part of the story starts with the thought provoking “Shield For Me” Another wonderful guitar solo treats our ears whilst our ‘hero’ prays for salvation. “Psalm XV” has a magical instrumental beginning that ebbs along the road to discovery. The vocals come in and reveal that the answers could well be inside us. “Prodigal Son/Reprise” is almost an introduction to the end, the start of the climax, the realisation is here. Vocally brilliant and musically delightful, the build up to the Reprise section made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “Reunion (Together As One)” closes the album. This is another beautiful track where our hero has rediscovered his faith and is rejoicing in this acceptance.

With “Reunion” The Bridge have another quality album under their belt. Where their first album “Debut” focused on problems with Humanity, “Reunion” is a more personal piece of work concentrating on the struggles with Faith, self righteousness and belief.

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