The Beast of Nod

Californian Tech-Death Metal Powerhouse Release
‘Multiversal’ Album Art Dissection

California-based Premier Intergalactic Death Metal Band The Beast of Nod recently released their full-length record ‘Multiversal’ which features Lord Marco (Rings of Saturn, Brain Drill) on drums and an array of guest soloists including Joe Satriani and Michael Angelo Batio. Drawing on technical and progressive death metal for the core of their sound, The Beast of Nod creates shredtastic, bombastic music which focuses on telling the tales of the heroes, villains, and various species that inhabit the band’s exhaustively fleshed-out Multiverse. 

‘MultiVersal’ is best described as a sci-fi odyssey steeped in auditory destruction with hyper-focused guitar riffs, relentless double bass, and drum rhythm patterns, and exemplary vocal delivery interweaved with futuristic and atmospheric synths. Hot off the tails of this successful release, The Beast of Nod just released an Animated Album Art Dissection that takes you through the back story of each character, making this record all the more enticing! 

The Beast of Nod on the new video”Multiversal tells the story of the destruction of the universe by the mighty being known as Choas (as well as the subsequent creation of a new multiverse). The album cover for Multiversal depicts one of Chaos’ disciples – the dreaded Vampira Infernalis – freeing him from the cosmic prison in which he had been held for untold ages. In a last-ditch effort to prevent Chaos from being unleashed, the Super Eon Annihilator has led a coalition of Celestial Cetaceans and other powerful beings to engage Vampira and her forces, causing a gargantuan battle to ensue. This animated tour of the album artwork explores this pivotal scene in the story of Multiversal (corresponding to the third track, “Intergalactic War!”), identifying all of the many species and characters involved and giving details about their origins and roles in the conflict”


Adding to their impressive lore, The Beast of Nod released their critically acclaimed full-length Vampira: Disciple of Chaos (2018), a short compilation EP Cephalopod of Doom (2018), and a collaborative chiptune EP (2020). The lore behind the characters and events described in all of these releases is contained in the illustrated “Encyclopedia of Nod” on the band’s website With this absolutely overflowing with exuberant energy and creative spontaneity, The Beast of Nod is set to take over the universe!

Recorded by Ian Van Opijen, Dr. Gore and Lord Marco
Produced, Engineered by Ian Van Opijen at Echo Room Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Van Opijen at Echo Room Studios
Album Artwork by Phuoc Quan
Photography by Jen Janet (Dr. Gore’s photo) and DWJ Creative (Paul and Brendan)

Multiversal Animated Album Art Dissection (Intergalactic War!)

The Beast Of Nod – Multiversal (Official Full Album Stream)

The Beast Of Nod – The Latent Threat

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