The Bateleurs

The Bateleurs

From the westerner shores of the old continent, a troupe of wanderers came together to kindle the fires of an art form almost extinguished nowadays: 

Rock’n’Roll music

A dislocated girl, born abroad, a product of the exodus of 60s and 70s, when people fled to other lands to escape an impoverished country, looking for the dream of a promised land. Raised in shining Paris, City of Lights, by a a family where Soul and Jazz laid the first foundations for a very diverse musical background; returned to Lisbon in her teen years, to find the rebellion of Rock’n’Roll and the work of the ancient masters of that craft;

Three veteran musicians, born, raised and battered by a country with very little appreciation for the non-mainstream culture, struggling against prejudices deeply entwined in Portuguese society, feeling the British and American craftsmen like their own, and living by sharing with a few others that passion for the Blues and Rock’n’Roll;

Brought together by chance, playing in clubs and bars, the chemistry has been evident since day one; songs started to come alive, and in this time of great progress and technology, they did it like in the old days: no tricks, no cheats, just people playing and singing, and sharing the best they can.

The sign of the Bateleur falcon, a proud bird of prey, and the traditional jugglers on the streets of medieval France, added to the esoteric flavor of the Tarot deck, baptized this reunion of spirits with a single purpose

It’s for you all to listen to them; they mean what they say, and their word is true

With you,

The Bateleurs

Ricardo Dikk – Bass
Sandrine Orsini – Vocals
Rui Reis – Drums

The Bateleurs – Another Crossroad

The Bateleurs – Lost My Faith

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