The Almighty Fallen

The Almighty Fallen

the almighty fallen

The dying days of 2008 saw the birth of “The Almighty Fallen” lifelong friends Phil Dixon and Joe Goudie tired of reality idols and TV diva’s.The two friends hungry to produce a fresh slant on the rock/goth crossover, spent many long winter months in the recording studio tirelessly writing and recording until they were confident they had conjured up something very different from anything else out there!

Songs began to flow fast, almost effortlessly. They drip fed demo’s to some long term media contacts their demo’s to play on radio shows under obscure names to judge the publics reaction, although knowing that a live audience would be the acid test. Then a call from a Festival promoter in Finland wanting a to see the band at a live showcase! Under the name The Almighty Fallen and using the same session musicians who had played on demo’s they played the packed house showcase and were an instant success! They played a few more live venues including the 3,500 seater Dublin National Arena playing the 30 minute interval of an MMA show and televised to over 30 countries in Europe where amazing and really helped
hone their sound. However, it soon became obvious they needed a settled line up. It was finally time to put a band together .

Phil previously signed to an American record label had toured internationally and Joe had done much the same until his love of recording would see him give it all up to become an engineer/producer. So with experience in no shortage they relied on it heavily to find the right line-up. Talent was important but, they were looking for intuitive federates who would contribute and nourish the songs. Simply picking the most gifted musicians or  coolest looking guys just wasn’t going to cut it. Drums were a gimmie, Joe called on his old band mate and reliable session drummer Mark Cumming. Guitarist Andy McCallister was floating between some of Belfast’s top tribute bands and was actually at the showcase gig so needed little convincing. Joe actually spotted talented keys and pianist Matt Rice while recording in his studio with another band, impressed with both his technical ability and
practical knowledge. Line up complete and ready to rock!

The Almighty Fallen – Walk Away

The Almighty Fallen – Resurrection

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