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Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD:  What type of artist are you?

T: The term we would use is that we are a metal band!


PD:  Tell us the brief history of yourself.

T: The band began its formation when the two brothers Markos(guitar) and Filip(bass) met Mike(drums) and started jamming. After three or four months Mike introduced Anthony(vocals) to the other two, whom he knew from a previous band they had. After that we jammed a little harder and the result of that is our first album. We started the recording process in September 2020 with the help from George Margaritopoulos, who is a very close friend and also the producer of “Eternal”, our upcoming album. The album was finished somewhere around April 2021 and in May 2021 the last member was added to our group, Kostas(guitar)! From May until now we have been rehearsing and promoting our work via social media. We can’t wait to start playing some shows and we hope things with the pandemic get better soon for everybody’s sake! And that’s the story of Telma so far.


PD:  Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

T: Some of our greatest influences from the older to the more recent ones are Iron Maiden, Pantera, Nevermore, Alice in Chains,Slipknot,Linkin Park, Lamb of God, Gojira and Tesseract. We all have different tastes in music but these are the most common between all of us and have clearly impacted our music.


PD:  What are your dreams and goals?

T: Our dream is to keep creating music, play a lot of shows, have fun and ideally help those around us with our music and the ideas we try to spread.


PD:  Who writes your songs, what are they about?

T: Most of the time Markos brings an idea, a riff or a bunch of them, and during the rehearsals we try  to arrange them all together. Doing that, everyone contributes and the song changes and gets more interesting. After a song is nearly finished our producer George Margaritopoulos gives us his insight and most of the time he adds stuff and re-arranges some things. It is for sure a team effort.

In our songs, at least in “Eternal” album, we talk about the inner struggle that everyone is facing, each song discussing a different topic, personal or social. We are a bit bored of talking about a man’s unfulfilled love and other cheesy subjects. There are many problems in society and within ourselves that are not going to be  solved if we don’t start addressing them.


PD:  What do you think about downloading music online?

T: If you mean legally, we think that it’s very cool because you can hear and download a lot of cool and endless music. Maybe the streaming platforms and all the distributors could keep a smaller percentage of the earnings especially for smaller bands, but that is an intricate matter. If you mean downloading illegally there are two sides in that story. Of course the artist that has made all that effort and paid real money to get that music to you should have something back. On the other hand some years back many of us downloaded music every day and we learned about all these bands and artists by illegally sharing their music with our friends. And now many of us buy their CDs, go to their shows and buy merchandise. We really cannot decide if bands lose or gain from that at the end of the day, but the listener surely does. For us it is very simple, if you come to our show or buy our merch, it is okay to steal our music!


PD:  What is your proudest moment in music?

T: Our proudest moment as a band, since we haven’t played any shows yet 🙁 ….was when we got the master files from “Eternal” and sat to listen to our music finished, feeling that this almost two year effort of rehearsals, pre-production,recordings etc finally paid off. That was a very happy day and we are very proud of this album.


PD:  So what are you working on at the moment?

T: Right now we are still promoting our album “Eternal” and waiting for things with the corona situations to get better and hopefully start playing shows.


PD:  Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

T: As said, we don’t have any shows planned but we hope that will change soon. Why should you be there… that is very easy, because you never know when the next pandemic will strike and for how long it will be until you see a band playing live. Better not miss those chances!

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