Layered Reality Productions
26 November 2021

An album made by the fans, for the fans. That’s how you could describe this new TDW album in a simple way, but that wouldn’t tell the whole story, as the eighth TDW album entitled Fountains has become something unexpected indeed.

Spurred on by an all too familiar worldwide pandemic and an urge to keep moving forward after releasing the well-received album The Days The Clock Stopped in December of 2020, main songwriter Tom de Wit   took the possibility to quickly write new material that would become this very record. Written, recorded and produced in a record tempo for Tom’s standards, but also fueled by a very special ingredient… Song input from the fans who preordered the last album and helped to make it all possible!

Multiple songs on this new offering are based on suggestions given by TDW fans in 2020 when they preordered The Days The Clock Stopped Tom told the fans that if they gave him a subject and basic idea, he would write a song based on those ideas and 6 songs on this album came to be based on these very concepts. Added to this were 4 songs written by Tom that all formed a loose theme tying everything together. And specially after the heavy, concept-driven approach of its predecessor, this felt like a fresh start with new ideas coming from many directions. As a result, Fountains has become an eclectic collection of songs that touches upon the familiar symphonic, progressive TDW sounds and themes, but also expands it. Flowing rapidly from angular electronics and weird tonal switches to flamenco infused breaks to swing-jazz cabaret metal and everything in between. The songs might seem a bit more concise this time around (except for the closing epic “Hope Song II”) but there’s no shortage of ideas on display. Instead this vinyl length offering can be seen as a fountain of ideas that is ready to be dived into.

When asked about the theme of the album, Tom described it as follows: “This album has a few themes that form its framework. We have been through the wringer as creators & mankind in general, so I made songs about staying hopeful even when life beats you down, understanding the human value of real art over just blindly staring at sales numbers and marketing and more. My life has been a constant, crusade against hollow art made for profit only. The highest goal for me is to make something that invokes a real response. I think this represents that to the fullest. People often get sidetracked by the business side of things, but at the end of the day it’s our creative fountain that keeps us going. Yes, you have to take your career seriously, yes you have to think of these things, but for me the music and the creative adventure ALWAYS comes first.”

An album with a clear statement of intent, that shows gratitude to its co-creators as well, tries to spread hope and has a message for those whose fountains might have dried up. All brought in a lighter, more direct musical fashion. Time will tell how this album will end up being received, but for the creator it was a great, creative experience that got the fountain overflowing with ideas. And at the end of the day that is all that matters isn’t it?

Tom de Wit – Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations
Rich Gray – Bass, Backing vocals (ANNIHILATOR/AEON ZEN)
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums (ANNIHILATOR)

Guest musicians:
Bryan Ramage – Guitar solo on #1 (Ramage Inc)
 Linn Liv – Guest vocals on #1 (Cyanide Paradise, Pictura Poesis)
 Eric Hazebroek – Guitar solo on #2 (Vetrar Draugurinn)
 Ron Brouwer – Guest vocals on #2 (Sacrosanct)
 Cathinca Porsius – Flute on #5
Lennert Kemper – Guitar solo on #5 (Dreamwalkers Inc, Elithium)
 Lola Damblant Soler – Guitar solo on #6 (Soledad)
Vikram Shankar – Synth solo on #7 (Redemption, Silent Skies)
Michael Mills – Guitar solo on #8 (Toehider, Ayreon)
 Morean – Guitar solo, flamenco guitar & palmas on #9 (Alkaloid)
 Lucas De La Rosa – Guitar solo on #10 (Solo artist)
Laura ten Hoedt, Iris van ‘t Veer, Cailyn Erlandsson, Rania Bailey,Rikke Linssen, Linda van Vugt, Ron Brouwer, Rich Gray, Tom de Wit

TDW – Fountains

TDW – The Days The Clock Stopped – Pre Order Message

TDW – Disconnected (feat Sara Vanderheyden)

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