The Days the Clocks Stopped
Layered Reality Productions
15th January 2021

Biographical stories have been the main source of inspiration for many novels, albums, movies and other forms of art ever since art became important to humanity. Often it is the relatable nature of it that attracts an audience. Stories of struggle and survival always inspire. But what if a story is so intense, that it almost seems unreal? What if a confrontation with death changes the very essence of that persons existence? This is something that songwriter, producer and singer Tom de Wit wanted to look into with this new release “The Days The Clock Stopped”.

After releasing multiple albums with both TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc, making youtube songs & vlogs, documentaries and more, Tom found himself at a crossroads in early 2019. For all this time, his work had been dedicated to writing about fictional characters and events to let out his own emotional turmoil… Often hiding behind metaphores & fiction to say what he realy felt through these characters & experiences. “I always felt like I had no right to speak on my own behalf. The characters would do that for me. I mean, I am in the end, just a guy that does stuff and makes things…”. Always these creations were heartfelt, passionate & made with intent, but it felt like something was ignored. A big set of events that changed his life significantly in his early 20’s that he had been running away from for 11 years now…

The Days The Clock Stopped is a concept album that dives head first into Tom’s medical history and how he fell ill with a highly potent inflammatory bowel disease at age 19 and dealing with that while also fighting the mental struggles that come along with being diagnosed as a highly sensitive person. The story chronicles the hospital experiences, being trapped inside a body & brain that are giving up, the medical mistakes made and what it can lead to when one is confronted by death not once, but twice.

Next to Tom writing the music and lyrics and helming the project, Tom was assisted by a host of guest musicians on this record ranging from big names and newcomers alike to bring his vision to life. Most notably, the inclusion of Aeon Zen/Annihilator’s Rich Gray as bass player, co producer and mastering engineer cannot be understated. As well as the massive drum performance by Fabio Allessandrini (Annihilator) who raised the albums intensity to the next level. Adding to this album, is a feature length documentary that tells the story behind the album from the third person which will be included in the physical boxset. The documentary also talks about the creation of the record and looks back on the TDW career that started in 2008 up until the creation of this album now.

One can wonder if it is pure vanity that drives a project like this, but when asked about this, Tom replied: “There is no pleasing everybody and that is okay. Though in this case, I hope the album and/or the documentary can be of help to anyone who is fighting a disease like this. It’s not just about my story, but it’s about finding the strength to carry on and finding the energy to live life to the fullest if you survive. If even just one person would take that away from this project, I would be perfectly happy..”

Watch the video for “Death and Her Brother Greg”:


1 – Crashscape (instrumental)
2 – Clockstop – Insight X
3 – Code of Conduct
4 – Clockstop – Insight 2
5 – Sleepless Angels
6 – The Pulse
7 – Clockstop – Insight 3
8 – Death and her brother Greg
9 – No Can Do
10 – Clockstop – Insight 4
11 – Epilogue – A string of repeats
12 – All we could do (CD only Bonustrack)

All music & lyrics written by: Tom de Wit
Produced & mixed by: Tom de Wit @ The Imagineering Suite
Co-produced & Mastered by: Rich Gray @ Gray Matter Audio

The main musicians 
Tom de Wit – Lead Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations
Rich Gray – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (Aeon Zen, Annihilator)
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums (Annihilator)
Remco Woutersen – Cello solo parts

Solo’s per song 
#4 – Marco Sfogli (Solo artist, James LaBrie, PFM & Icefish)
#5 – Daniel Magdič (Prehistoric Animals, Ex-Pain of Salvation)
 #6 – Koen Romeijn (Detonation, Heidevolk)
#8 – Chris Zoupa (Teramaze)
#9 – Andi Kravljaca (Bioplan)
#9 – Matthew op ‘t Einde (IDEK.)
#9 – Luca Di Genarro (Soul Secret)
 #10 – Norbert Veenbrink (Dreamwalkers Inc)
#11 – Lennert Kemper (Dreamwalkers Inc)

Choirmembers: Laura ten Hoedt, Cailyn Erlandsson, Nicole de Ruiter, Iris van ’t Veer, Rikke Linssen, Stan Eimers, Ron Brouwer, Rich Hinks. Abraham Sarache

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TDW – Disconnected (feat Sara Vanderheyden)

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