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SystemHouse 33

SystemHouse 33 reveal their new video for “Rapture” from their upcoming album “End Of Days”.
You can watch the video abelow

As one of India’s longest running metal bands, SYSTEMHOUSE33 has been making a mark for themselves in the global metal scene with their pure groove-thrash metal compositions in the 15 years of their existence, thereby making them a strong force to reckon with and a band to lookout for in 2019.

SYSTEMHOUSE33 is set to release their sixth album “End of Days” on April 4, 2019. In celebration of the upcoming album release, SystemHouse33 will join Israeli metallers Orphaned Land on a massive 22 city “We Do Not Resist” tour across 7 countries in Europe. The tour kicks off in Cologne, Germany on April 4 with the final show of the tour being in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 28, 2019. Also joining the tour is Subterranean Masquerade.

The new album “End of Days” is deeply influenced by the book of Revelation and is a progression from their earlier album “Regression”, released in 2016. After “Regression”, which focused on the disintegration of the world we live in, “End of Days” takes it to the next level – the great tribulation, rapture, and the apocalypse among other events.

SYSTEMHOUSE33 founding member and vocalist Samron Jude elaborates on the concept behind the new album “End of Days”, “The past few years has seen so many alarming changes in the whole socio-political space and in the environment. For centuries, people have been attempting to discern the end of the world and fathom the meanings behind inexplicable phenomena faced in our day and age. The book of Revelation has been a topic of interest and was inspirational in a sense. After “Regression” which focused on the disintegration of the world we live in, “End of Days” takes it to the next level – the great tribulation, rapture, and the apocalypse among other events. We’ve seen many of our favourite bands cover these issues before and “End of Days” will be our take on it.” 

The album will also be the first time Jude has composed and recorded guitars on a few tracks. Talking about his experience on producing the album, Jude said, “Creating this album has been absolutely incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great musicians and producers. It was also great to bring out my Washburn Dime 3’s and track guitars on “End Of Days”. Expect this album to be brutally heavier than any of our previous works.”

See below for a breakdown of tour dates:
SYSTEMHOUSE33 on the “We Do Not Resist” Tour 2019:
Germany 04/04/2019 – Köln, Helios
Netherlands 05/04/2019 – Nijmegn, Doornroosje
Belgium 06/04/2019 – Roeselare, Verlichte Geest
Belgium 07/04/2019 – Huy, Atelier Rock
France 09/04/2019 – Rouen, Le 106
Switzerland 10/04/2019 – Geneva, L’Undertown
France 11/04/2019 – Vauréal, Le Forum
France 12/04/2019 – Montauban, le Rio Grande
France 13/04/2019 – Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
France 14/04/2019 – Montpellier (St Jean de Vedas), Secret Place
Spain 16/04/2019 – Bilbao, Santana 27
Portugal 17/04/2019 – Porto, Hard club
Portugal 18/04/2019 – Lisbon, RCA Club
Spain 19/04/2019 – Sevilla, Custom
Spain 20/04/2019 – Murcia, Garaja Beat
Spain 21/04/2019 – Zaragoza, CC Delicias
Switzerland 23/04/2019 – Pratteln, Z7
Germany 24/04/2019 – Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
Germany 25/04/2019 – Frankfurt, Zoom
Germany 26/04/2019 – Osnabrück, Bastard Club
Germany 27/04/2019 – Essen, Turock
Netherlands 28/04/2019 – Amsterdam, Melkweg


This tour marks the return of the band to Europe after a span of 3 years – they previously toured with death metal giants Six Feet Under on the “Xmas in Hell” tour in 2015 while promoting the album “Regression”. 

Starting off in the small Indian town of Nagpur back in 2003, their resilience and hard work has paid off making SYSTEMHOUSE33 one of the top metal bands to emerge from the country of India.

The band’s current discography includes Discernment (2006), Join the System (2008), Thrive Live (2011) Depths of Despair (2013) and Regression (2016)

Line up:
Samron Jude
Leon Quadros
Mayank Sharma
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman

SystemHouse 33 – Rapture

SystemHouse 33 – End of Days album promo

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