Symphony Of Sweden

Symphony Of Sweden
The brand new single, “That Night” is out now!

A few months passed by since Symphony Of Sweden released a new track, but they’ve just broken their radio silence: their new song, “That Night” hopefully will be another fan favorite – if so, the band could consider 13 their new lucky number!

Lee’s statement: “We have had this song for a while… We really liked it, but didn’t know if we were gonna release it as a single or have it as an album track. So we waited but later decided to share it with the world.

The story is about a deal I did with myself. I have always known where I want to go and who I want to be. But it’s a damn hard road to get there… And life is no cakewalk either way.

But after I got sick and started to get better I just felt it was time, now nothing was going to stop me.

So I wrote the story of the promise I made to myself “That Night”.

Evan had the music ready so I wrote the lyrics and the melody. But I felt like something was missing. So I asked, “What about a solo”? I have really missed playing guitar. So I wrote a solo and we both felt like the song got even better.”

Evan’s statement: “This track started with a drum recording with Eric Günther. I believe I asked him to play along with another song, it could have been a Disturbed track or something similar… Then I asked Henrik Bodin-Sköld to lay down some guitar ideas which basically built the fundament for most of the song parts. Then Lee got this rough music background and came up with lyrics and vocal melody. First, we had some trouble getting the vibe right and we had an idea to go back in time, a bit to the golden era of the 80s hair metal sound… So another round of production and this track is our first track ever with 3 different guitarists in a single track! Henrik plays most of the guitars but I play the ”chugga chugga” guitars in the verses and Lee plays the solo!

I had a quite busy summer involving both work in the studio and holidays…I have been to Milano, Florence, Rome, Corsica, and Budapest this summer! And yes, we recorded some really good songs as well!” – Evan reflected on the past few months.

What does the future holds? “Now I look forward to lock myself in in the studio for the rest of the Autumn and finish the album!” – Evan added.

Coming from the North of Sweden with winter and ice bears all over the place, the music is the other way around. Grand and epic with huge arrangements, the missing link between pop and metal – this is Symphony of Sweden! Add the powerful voice of Linus “Lee” Wester and the creative talent of Pontus “Evan” Hagberg you will have a concept that brings you on a journey from here to eternity.

Symphony Of Sweden is:

Pontus „Evan” Hagberg

Linus „Lee” Wester

Evan and Lee lived in the same small town up north in Sweden. Lee had his own little service point, betting shop, tobacco store nearby which also happened to be Evan’s local service point where he went to get his parcels. After saying hello to each other for a couple of years, there was one day Evan had a parcel to get – which obviously was music-related. They fell into conversation with each other, a few days later Evan invited Lee to his studio. Evan: „he had found one of my instrumental tracks on Youtube and sang it with a new melody on top and lyrics for me in the studio, right there when he just arrived! I was blown away, and a week later we had our first ever track produced and completed. As soon he sang his first two words in the studio I wanted to work with him!”

The band released their first album, Inner Demons in January 2021, and their second album, Saints Of Yesterday came out on the 3rd of February, 2022.

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