SWAZTA6 – EP Non-State Controlled

SWAZTA6 – EP Non-State Controlled

SWAZTA6 – EP “Non-state controlled”– 2023, Drac Haus Records

  1. Fa La La
  2. The Serenade
  3. Dark Walk
  4. Slash Slash (Darkwave Club Mix)

SWAZTA6 emerged from the Underground warehouse Gothic & BDSM scene during the pandemic. Band members include Producer/Writer FHEDESH & Lead Vocalist/Writer Sin Savio. 

“Non-state controlled” EP starts off with an industrial riff and creepy background voices and noises that will shape to the song “Fa La La”. Beautifully weird electronics compliment the song’s vibe. FHEDESH has created a personal cosmos with his sound. Sin Savio’s sick vocals sound as if coming directly from a horror movie soundtrack. She sounds innocent and devilish at the same time, which is a magnificent contrast throughout the whole EP! The chorus’ melody of “Fa La La” sets the ultimate dance mood and this is dark electronica at its very best.

“The Serenade” begins with a fantastic Sin Savio spoken word over FHEDESH dark electronics. It reminds of Anne Clark greatest moments! Then the song gets going with a rather electro punk mood which suits greatly SWAZTA6! Background noise makes it totally sick and Sin Savio spits the lyrics right in your face in the most adorable way! What a magnificent track!! The experimental attitude of this IDM song is rather unique. I loved it!

“Dark Walk” offers the listener a variety of beats and sounds. From :Wumpscut: to VNV Nation this instrumental track will be loved by all fans of what is called dark dancefloor. FHEDESH adds many layers of sounds one over the other to make another great SWAZTA6 track.

“Non-state controlled” EP ends with the single “Slash Slash”, for which a very beautiful video is also made! “Slash Slash” simply is one of the best songs in its style that you will listen this year! An instant classic!! Sin Savio is so convincing and theatrical (please watch the video)!! She lays down a variety of vocals from low-end up to high screams! FHEDESH uses his huge experience as a DJ to build SWAZTA6 music in the most amazing way! “Slash, Slash” is a super sick song, an instant classic, and I am sure you will love it!!

To put it in few words, “Non-state controlled” is a fantastic EP release from SWAZTA6. It is out now from SWAZTA6 own label Drac Haus Records. For those of you who don’t know it FHEDESH is the owner of Drac Haus Club, the biggest Gothic/BDSM club in DTLA, a club that organizes some of the most amazing live shows and events in the scene. Like said in the introduction of this review, SWAZTA6 have emerged out from this scene. They call their music DracWave! It’s a new style of IDM, dark electronics, dark dancefloor music. You will sure love it! We did!!

review by Mr Athens 79

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