Sugar Lunch

Sugar Lunch

Sugar Lunch Blends Styles For A Debut EP

The garage-pop alternative rock sounds of Sugar Lunch are  surely something to be heard. The debut EP “Ticks” is an ultra creative mix of throw back sounds brought into today’s pop universe. With focus on several tracks, “Upholstery” gets you some of the best dissonant dream alternative rock. Perfectly done guitar parts that play off of some real staple rock influences like The Pixies and crossed with bands like The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, the song is a beautiful and gritty lo-fi garage rock love. The first song you on the EP is called “Luv” and it’s clearly the pop attraction but still holds true to that gritty feel while bringing in acoustic guitars and swelling synths. Here is what songwriter Richard Miller has to say about his EP:

“The whole album is written through the perspective of one person. First relationships, the sneaky rebellious feeling of trying drugs for the first few times, being self conscious and uncomfortable and figuring stuff out. With this record, I was basically able to do more of what I’ve been wanting to do. I’ve gotten better at the whole process, and I don’t have to make compromises because I don’t know how to do something. I’m better at making things catchier for me, stuff that gets me more excited. I love short songs that get stuck in your head so hard they make you want to listen 30 times in a row.”

Sugar Lunch – Medicine

Sugar Lunch – With You

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