Stillers Tod

Stillers Tod

The south-German Avantgarde Black Metal band STILLERS TOD was founded in 2006 by singer and composer Kargáist with the aim to combine complex, progressive Black Metal compositions with atmospheric German lyric poetry.

In 2009, Stillers Tod released their concept album »Katharsis«. The release was followed by enthusiastic reactions by fans and press: The LEGACY magazine called it »a distinct footprint in the German Black Metal landscape«, METAL.DE asked »why a band like this still runs around without a label« and SCHWARZE NEWS stated that »Katharsis« was »the best debut of the last years«.

In 2011, Stillers Tod released the split album »Die leeren Kinder« together with SEELENSCHNITT. The rough and experimental style of this release was received much worse than the clean and melodic »Katharsis«. »Die leeren Kinder« got mostly negative reviews.

In 2013, Stillers Tod returned to their typical style by releasing the EP »Vorboten Abraxas’«. This record was made to give fans an insight into the planned concept album trilogy »Abraxas«, that the band was working on during that time. With the return to their old style, Stillers Tod also returned to positive reactions by fans and press: The Legacy magazine gave 12 of 15 points and explained that Stillers Tod impress »with a myriad of features, be it the impressive guitar work, the gently used orchestra or the organic, clear production.«

At the moment, Stillers Tod work on their new concept album »Jupiter«, where they take a huge step into the direction of classical arrangements and complex Progressive Metal compositions.

Stillers Tod – Jupiter

Stillers Tod – Stimme im Kopfe

Stillers Tod – Katharsis

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