Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans­– KronosOkeanusHyperion & Prometheus – who ruled benevolently during  a period known as “The Golden Age.” Unnerved by an ancient prophecy, Kronos grew fearful of his own children and devoured each of them whole. After escaping their father’s belly, Zeus and his siblings waged a great war,  eventually overthrowing and entombing the Tytans deep in Tartarus; the dark abyss where ancient souls are cast away to  rot in perpetual punishment. Regrettably, the reign of the new gods became tainted by Zeus’ power-hungry greed and  monstrous infidelities. As the Golden Age decayed into turmoil, the Tytans, with the aid of Zeus’  daughter Athena, were released from their prison and seek refuge in the modern age. Now living in secret and concealing their powers, the Tytans have formed a rock band in the hopes to convert new followers into an army of Demigods to help battle Zeus and return the Tytans to their rightful place among the heavens. And thus, STEREOTYTANS was born!

The Philadelphia-based, comic book inspired, hard rock band, is taking Olympus and Earth by storm. These aren’t your ordinary rockers, however.  The Tytans describe their sound as “if Living Color, Fishbone and Radiohead had a threeway while Public Enemy watched and then birthed sweet, sweet musical babies with hints of soul, funk and metal mixed in for good measure.” Fans who experience crew’s elemental superpowers will betransformed through a truly unique musical experience.

Stereotytans – Monsters

Stereotytans – Clowns

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