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Renowned for their unique sound, distinctive songwriting and beautifully produced recordings, European and British award nominees the Starlite Campbell Band release their exciting upbeat new single ‘Gaslight’.

‘Gaslight’ is the third single taken from their highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ released on the Supertone record label on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Written in response to fake news, gaslighting facts and the blurring of truth by people in power around the world, husband and wife duo Starlite and Campbell have created an upbeat rocking retort intended to vent the spleen, cleanse the soul and put a feel-good bounce back in your step by calling out the telling and selling of lies.

‘Gaslight’ is straight-up early ’70s British rock ‘n’ Roll featuring a rich Motown-esque groove from Starlite on bass, good-time Wurlitzer electric piano from the Italian stallion Gabriele Del Vecchio and a foot-tapping four-on the floor groove from Steve Gibson on drums.

Many have been struck by Simon’s fabulous and unique slide guitar playing style. Known to play slide on his custom National ResoRocket Steel guitar as heard in the band’s debut album ‘Blueberry Pie, he opted for a much grittier tone for this song bringing into service the mighty vintage Gibson Flying V;  his first-ever guitar given to him by his parents for his 18th birthday. Here Simon creates a series of cheeky melodic riffs with a solo that adds a sense of slightly drunken roots-punk to the overall feel of the song.

The music video was filmed on location in Portugal; conceived, directed and produced by videographer Amanda Naughton.

‘Gaslight’ is available to buy, download and stream on September 3rd, 2021.

Here it is – the crowdfund for our new album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ –…

Starlite Campbell Band – CrowdFund

Here it is – the crowdfund for our new album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ –…

 In 2017, we released ‘Blueberry Pie’ the first album that we had written together without any crowdfund support so we had no idea what to expect or that it would do so well all over the world, let alone be nominated for Best Album in the European Blues Awards; we were totally blown away by your response.

Making music is an expensive business and as full-time independent artists we do as much as we can ourselves recording, producing and mixing all our music and with your support, we can make our next album happen.

It’s our first time doing a crowdfund and we’ve tried really hard to come up with some fresh ideas for bundles that we hope you will like… and again, thank you so much for your support.

Much love, Suzy & Simon

European blues awards nominees the Starlite Campbell Band is husband and wife Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell working as a four-piece with some of the world’s finest musicians.

With contemporary original songs inspired by the people they meet and places they travel, the band has a vibe and feel reminiscent of the mid-’60s to early ’70s British rock and blues – think early Led Zeppelin, The Faces and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – the halcyon days of music.

Starlite and Campbell, who married after a whirlwind musical romance, released their debut album ‘Blueberry Pie’ to rave reviews worldwide and a prestigious nomination for Best Album in the European Blues Awards.

“Unquestionably Blueberry Pie is a stunning debut” | 5* – Morgan Hogarth, Rock n Reel Magazine

‘Blueberry Pie’ received extensive international radio play charting top 10 in the UK, Australia, The Netherlands and American Blues Charts and over 50 four and five-star reviews worldwide. ,

From Suzy’s addictive, fun-loving bass groove and thunderous tone to Simon’s explosive vocals and fretwork, the band is joined by keyboard maestro Jonny Henderson on Hammond/Wurlitzer (Robben Ford / Matt Schofield) and shuffle-master Steve Gibson on drums (Jack Bruce / Chris Farlowe).

“Just as the Rolling Stones are making huge waves with their 30th studio release, Blue & Lonesome, along come a couple of seasoned musicians who bring back the sound of early UK blues, to near perfection.” | JD Nash – American Blues Scene, USA

The art of the song is everything and Starlite and Campbell fly in the face of disposable music – writing, recording and producing their work and then releasing on their independent label Supertone Records.

“Blueberry Pie is a great album” | Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 2 & 6 Music

The band’s second album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ which is set for release in 2021, continues to push the boundaries of British rock and blues.

Featuring Simon Campbell on electric guitars with longtime collaborators Jonny Henderson, Christian Madden and Gabriele Del Vecchio sharing keyboard duties and the band’s mighty rhythm section of Steve Gibson on drums and Suzy Starlite on bass! Vocal duties are shared by Starlite and Campbell.

The songs ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ and ‘Lay It Out On Me’ were released as singles in 2020 to give a flavour of the new album. As an extra, in response to the current world situation, the band also released their version of the Blind Faith classic ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ which garnered much praise from the Head of Music at the BBC and worldwide radio play.

“This was the real deal, scintillating stuff… Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite are mad for the music, and mad for each other – and their enthusiasm is infectious.

And then – and then, folks – they close out with ‘Walkin’ Out The Door’, the opening track from Blueberry Pie. And this slice of mid-Sixties style soulful blues, with some wah-wah atmospherics, gradually morphs into Led Feckin’ Zeppelin, the riff tipping the hat to the likes of ‘How Many More Times’ while Starlite channels John Paul Jones with an increasingly mountainous bass line.

And Campbell goes into mad axeman mode, conjuring up a howling guitar interlude with the aid of an old-fashioned echoplex box of tricks – real analogue tape, boys and girls – ahead of an echo-laden solo. Greta Van Fleet eat your juvenile hearts out.” | Iain Cameron – Blues Enthused, UK

“The Starlite Campbell Band did more than rock the blues big top, the musical interplay, communication with the audience and get off your arse dance sounds and styles ensured the blues crowd as well as the band had a fantastic experience on Saturday night.

The Starlite Campbell band’s debut at Wangaratta was an absolutely overwhelming success indeed!! | Frank Davidson, Co-artistic Director, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues, Australia

In February 2020, Suzy and Simon had just returned to their studio in Germany following a successful and fun tour of the UK which included the Great British Rock and Blues Festival, Skegness, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

With all of their live dates cancelled, rescheduled and cancelled again, the band have a European tour booked for October/November 2021 which includes the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

In the meantime Suzy and Simon have relocated their semi-mobile recording studio to the north of Lisbon in Portugal and will be working on completing ‘The Language of Curiosity’, a new contemporary folk album ‘The Coat’ and other exciting projects to be announced.

The Starlite Campbell Band: a fresh taste of original ’70s British rock & blues!

We miss you and really value your support!!

Until the next time when we are free to dance again together in the music, stay well, hold onto your hope and your sanity!

Starlite Campbell Band – Gaslight (3rd September 2021)

Starlite Campbell Band – Song To The Siren

Starlite Campbell Band – Can’t Find My Way Home

Starlite Campbell Band – Lay It Out On Me

Starlite Campbell Band – Stone Cold Crazy

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