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Stanley June is a solo rock/acoustic performer, who strongly believes that music is a progressive voyage, a method of storytelling and an emotional outlet. “With this confident debut, Stanley June seems to express himself, tell stories, and above all else share his passion for music with the listener – and he does so in his own way, but flavoured with a familiar alternative.” – Floris Groenewald from SA Music Scene

Stanley June is a born and bred Johannesburg citizen whose path with the South African music scene stretches far further than his solo venture. In his short career, Stanley June is already starting to create waves wherever he sets foot.

After being part of a few young bands while still in high school, Stanley was the bassist and backing vocalist for the alternative Johannesburg band, Our Silence, during 2007 and 2008. At approximately the same time he also became bassist and backing vocalist for the Johannesburg rock band, Face of Change, and was part of the band during their entire career from 2007 until 2010. Highlights include playing alongside bands like éF-éL, Glaskas and Klopjag, being interviewed by various local newspapers (including Beeld and Die Matie), as well as being interviewed and receiving song playlistings by several stations (including UJFM and MFM). Their song ‘Reversal’ charted on UJFM’s SA Top 20 for four weeks in a row. Furthermore, Face of Change released a three track EP, followed by a full-length album, entitled ‘Tomorrow Will Be Different’, which their devoted fan base received very well. The former music TV channel, MK, aired their two music videos on high rotation.

Stanley June’s MusicSwan Studios opened its doors in 2009. Face of Change’s album is a product of this studio. Stanley also recorded various smaller acts and bands there up to date. As of May 2012 he also started to focus his attention on the writing and pre-production for his debut album in this very studio, where he would later record.

Face of Change decided to call it quits as many of the members finished their studies and ventured into professional careers. Because of his love for music and his desire to keep on working in the scene, Stanley decided to pursue his dream of building up his music studio
where he would not only work on his solo endeavour, but also learn more about the recording and producing process in order to host other musicians to record their music. Today he says that Face of Change taught him various things about the music business that he will be using going forward. “One of the main things I’ve learnt is persistence. We started out with pretty much nothing, with just a few of our friends and family attending our shows. But we stayed motivated and worked really hard to ensure that every show was always better than the one we had before. If we gained a single fan from a gig, then it was worth it.”

The leap from backing vocalist to solo vocalist came with many hours of practise, but was a smooth transition for Stanley June. He is also a self-taught musician and is competent on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano and harmonica. Since his younger days his big musicals icons and role models included Dave Grohl, Steven Tyler, Myles Kennedy, Bon Jovi and Meat Loaf. “I’ve always been a fan of loud, screeching guitars and vocalists belting at the top of their lungs.”
Stanley June is a natural song writer, drawing inspiration from everyday situations, love, relationships, distressing/difficult/depressing circumstances/times/states/state of mind and aspirations. Although the core of his music will always be rock, he remains open to explore new ideas and different approaches.

The debut album ‘Imitating Art’, took a total of 18 months of writing, recording and mixing from start to finish at his own MusicSwan Studios. Stanley June is the ‘one man show’ responsible for the entire album, although a few of his friends also feature on the album on a few guitar, piano and backing vocal parts. The album also includes a duet with Sharon De Caires. Mastering took place at Sage Audio in Nashville, TN.

The main concept of ‘Imitating Art’ revolves around being caught up in an uncertain state. “It is about spending your days trying to figure out what you want from life, where you’re going and where you came from”, Stanley explains. There is a gleam of light in the darkness as well, as the album speaks about pushing through the tough times and embracing the better ones. Each song has a story and a feel of its own and although they are not directly connected, they cover similar ground and related topics, which all makes up the bigger picture.

Stanley June does not want to categorise his fan base, as he believes that music transcends all culture and age barriers.

Stanley has just released his second full length album entitled ‘Maps & Minutes’. ‘Maps & Minutes’ is available from all leading online platforms.

Stanley June – Holding On

Stanley June – Never Let Me Go

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