German thrash’n’rollers SPLICER to release new EP “BEER-P”.

Splicer release their third EP with the “BEER-P” and this time they go into new musical fields. But he who expects something completely different has been mistaken.

Multifaceted as you know the three musicians, various genres are addressed in the 4-track EP. But the green thread of Rock’n’Proll remains clearly visible.

Unlike previous releases, this is an epic that tells in four parts the fictional story of the “Burt Earwolf” (“B. Earwolf” caution splicerstyle pun ;)), which saves a small Western town in which a nasty sherriff drives its misfortune.

“Sherriff Sober” has made synthetic (& apparently sickening) beer and bans the sale of real beer in his town. So, along with the various characters who appear during the songs, Burt is trying to get the town back on track with beer. But will they make it? We find out at the end of “BEER-P”.

Beer in the West is a groovy mid-tempo country-tinged track with just over five minutes of playing time. It makes you feel a bit like you’re in an old western movie. The verses are connected with catchy interludes and lead to the desperate chorus that says “Once upon no beer in the west”… the classic structure is only interrupted once by an epic solo and leads to the grooving part that heralds further narrative parts.

Eyrie 51 is a fast Hardcore/Thrash song that finishes in under three minutes.  After the short guitar intro, the song bangs through its 2:42 minutes almost without interruption. Only once before the second solo is a short breather, after which it promptly continues at full throttle.

Empty is the EP’s ballad. You can say a hard rock ballad. Calm and powerful parts go hand in hand here. It is also the only song of the EP that can stand alone in terms of content.  The powerful intermediate part which is introduced by Rick with a powerful “…so empty, ey!” is just a real headbanger.

At Redemption, Splicer live up to their name. It is put together what the gentlemen come up with. One could speak of several individual songs…

The song begins with fanfares and ends with a reggae part that dissolves into double bass and downstrokes. In between there are various dialogues between “good and evil”, classic rock and metal parts, framed by the anthemic refrains that are accompanied by the young choir “Chorios”. A song you should have heard.

Fun fact: the first letters of the four titles make “BEER”.

The release will appear on October 13th, 2023 as BEER-P on all common streaming platforms.

The first “single” “Beer In The West” wil be released on September 13th, 2023.

Rick Splicer – Bass & Vocals/Speaking Voice “B. Earwolf”
Daniel Di Splicer – drums
Mav Splicer – Guitars & Backing Vocals/Speaking Voice “Sherriff Sober”

Rick Splicer, Daniel Di Splicer
(& and everyone I asked for their opinion, thank you, you know who you are 😉 )

Martin Heise, Ragged Glory Mobile Studio


Digital Free Master by Mixea/Rick Splicer

Splicer – Blind

Splicer – Betelgeuse

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