Spirit Division

Spirit Division

Spirit Division was conceived in 2013, quickly becoming known in their Indianapolis, Indiana heavy music scene for their somewhat unique, vocally-driven slant on stoner doom metal. Their widely diverse doom sounds come by the obligatory influence of Black Sabbath, but meld in the likes of Danzig, Type O Negative, Sleep, (the) Melvins, and Pink Floyd and you have frenetically arrived at Spirit Division.

With the 2015 debut Spirit Division and a fast follow up of the sophomore release No Raptureonly a year later, Spirit Division promptly garnered much praise from the heavy underground media, such as Doomed & Stoned, The Metal Observer, and The Obelisk.

The band’s third full-length album, Forgotten Planet, releases in late August 2018.

“Forgotten Planet is easily the most experimental album Spirit Division has recorded. The songs are longer and more complex, but also very emotional in places. I had a feeling we would be going in a direction like this when Jace and I first started arranging new songs after No Rapture, but Andy brought an aggressive edge when he joined. He really pushed us to explore different sounds that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s truly a testament of how far we’ve come as a band” – Chris Latta(vocals/bass)

“Forgotten Planet felt like a raw exposure of the shadow self, that part of humanity most people don’t like to talk about” – Jace Epple (drums)

The first two singles “River Rising”  and “The Light That Shines (When All Must Die)” are available for streaming on Spirit Division’s Bandcamp page. 

Chris Latta: Vocals, Bass
Jace Epple: Drums
Andy Bowerman: Guitar, Vocals

Spirit Division – River Rising

Spirit Division – The Light That Shines (When All Must Die)

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