Sonic State Capital

Sonic State Capital

sonic state capital

Dan Svanbom – Guitar
Stefan Andersson – Bass
Magnus Lindeborg – Drums
Osman Ramadanof – Guitar
Jörgen Söderberg – Vocals
SSC formed as a band in the city of Västerås (1 hour drive from Stockholm) back in May 2013 when Dan Svanbom, Stefan Andersson and Magnus Lindeborg left the local band Seven. The reasons for leaving were mainly that Stefan and Dan had song ideas that were not well received with the others and the band Seven’s tradition. So instead of grinding the stone very slowly, they decided to part ways. The drummer, Magnus, believed in those ideas and followed.Quickly, they recorded two simplified demos, Just A Game and Forever. But since they had no singer they actually asked Seven’s old singer Patric Fagerberg to sing on the demos. At the same time, Stefan and Dan started to build the bands social media connections. The two demo songs were well received from those connections and received lots of air time from independent internet radio stations around the world and still do.Somewhere in that period, the band found another guitarist named Markus Elofsson and shortly after a singer in Gustav Boger. In the fall of 2013 they recorded a more proper demo, Another Day of Life. That song also found its way to different stations on the web and was well received by the growing group of followers on social media. At this time, the band started to look for gigs. But, as a band with no good local connections and experience, they struggled. After a while, they changed the guitarist from Markus to Osman Ramadanof and started to write new songs and play a couple of small gigs. The consistent social media work also started to pay off.

SSC always wanted to make more and better recordings to have something to show and to increase the possibilities to play live. Not many places wanted to book the band since they had very few songs to show. Time passed slowly and a couple of new songs were written. In the spring of 2015, they released the song Cast Your Shadow. This song was somewhat heavier than the first songs, but a hint of how the song writing started to improve and take a more consistent direction. Inspired by bands like Alter Bridge and Dream Theater’s more melodic approach and traditional hard rock with strong melodies like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains and Ozzy, they now felt ready to head into the studio.

Late that summer, the band decided to part ways with the singer Gustav. Sonic State Capital was a band with loads of good songs in the heavy traditional hard rock genre to record and release, but no singer that could deliver them. A couple of guys were auditioned, but the band now knew what the songs needed in terms of singing and that made them decide to be a bit picky. Since they didn’t want the process to halt, they decided to start to record the songs anyway, especially the drums. A worst case scenario would be to have Dan sing on the record.

During those recordings, the engineer Pelle Saether of Studio Underground liked what he heard and gave the band a suggestion of a singer that would work nicely with their music. Said and done, they contacted Jörgen Söderberg, former Griffen singer and currently in the hard rock cover band Metalorgy. He liked what he heard and almost accepted the offer right away, especially since he liked the song writing.

Finally, the current line-up was set and recordings have been in the process ever since.

There you have it, the story so far, of a small and hardworking band that has been dedicated to grow in different ways. All of the guys in the bard are 40+ with families and have never been closer to getting their music out and breaking into a larger audience. They really want to do this once and they know they have the quality to please people, both with recordings and live shows.

Sonic State Capital – Hollow

Sonic State Capital – Another Day Of Life

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