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PD: Getting started, please explain why did you chose the name “Sonic Blast”. And what does it mean?

Sonic Blast: Hello Pete! Thank you for having us here. We were delighted when we first found out that you invited us for this interview. Regarding the band’s name, Sonic Blast, it was inspired by the kind of music we wanted to play and wanted a name that signified the band’s explosive character. As we are all well aware, Sonic Blast occurs when an entity breaks the barrier of sound, thus, this seemed the perfect choice for our band’s name.


PD: Do you believe that being from Greece helping your career?

Sonic Blast: As a band that has been created and has taken its first professional steps in a country that has been in austerity for more than 10 years now, it certainly is challenging. Had we been born in another country, things may have been different, for better or for worse. Humanity’s greatest attribute is the ability to adapt, cope and evolve even in the harshest environment, so this is not the time to sit on our couch and whine because we may have been dealt an “unlucky” card in the game of what we call life. We as a band, have been created and have been constantly evolving against all odds. None of the band’s member has been extremely privileged or has had anything handed down on him free of charge, may it be fame, money or an already well-established network which may came from a rich and/or famous family member. We are a band of ordinary people that don’t dream but work hard to achieve their goals. Our country’s socio-economic state may not be the greatest nor has Greece ever produced a group of iconic music pioneers in its modern history, however, we are definitely proud of our country, despite its flaws and weaknesses, for its long and rich history, culture and achievements that have helped in shaping the world as we now know it. As a band, one of our main objectives is to leave our permanent, positive musical footprint, so that younger generations of musicians can be inspired and dare to take a leap of faith so that they follow our example and achieve their dreams.


PD: Tell us about your upcoming work.

Sonic Blast: As you have already noticed in our artwork cover there are two different conflicting entities, similarly to the song “Humanity Divided”. The title of the album has been inspired by the century old, evergoing conflict of humanity and the interpretation of the participants’ point of view, behavior  and actions by third parties based on their sociopolitical, ethical and cultural background of each observer. Overall, the album contains ten tracks, two of which are instrumental. Regarding our music you will notice that there are sections with Heavy, Hard & Heavy, Epic and clean parts. As for the lyrics they have been inspired and formulated in accordance to the band’s character and without any specific topic restriction.


PD: Before you start this band, were you experienced about other bands?

Sonic Blast: Some of our band’s members had previous experience with other bands, as for the rest of the members, this is their first experience in a professional Heavy Metal band. Specifically, one of the founders and main member of our band, Dimitris Gkatziaris (Guitar & Bass), has been and still is one of the main members in the Greek Metal band called Sense of Fear. In addition, our band’s drummer, Thimios Pouliopoulos, also had prior experience  before he joined Sonic Blast.


PD: What are your musical influences? If you have, of course.

Sonic Blast: The band’s musical influences are mainly Iron Maiden, Judas Priest , Helloween, especially when Michael Kiske was their main Vocalist, Manowar and Ozzy Osbourne. In our humble opinion, we classify these groups of people as a rare breed of highly talented music bands. In particular, Iron Maiden may have likely been our biggest influence.


PD: Regarding your songwriting, tell us about your lyrics. What they are about?

Sonic Blast: As it has already been mentioned above, our lyrics do not confine themselves in a specific time period, topic/theme or any other restriction. We cannot venture into an in-depth analysis of our songs, due to the fact that such a disclosure of unpublished information, at this point, may hamper our professional growth. Our first single that has been published, titled “Quest for Camelot” refers to the lore of King Arthur, Excalibur, the Knights of the Round Table and Camelot.


PD: Why did you select to sing in English and not in Greek, for example?

Sonic Blast: Even though the Greek language has undeniably influenced several other languages such as English, the latter has definitely a wider impact. The English language is used all over the world and is considered the main international language. One of our main intentions is to reach the heart, mind, soul and body of as many people as possible without physical or mental borders such as a language barrier.


PD: Where did you record your last album?

Sonic Blast: The whole process (recordings, mixing-mastering) was conducted at Binaural Feeling Recording Studio, which is located in Kozani, Greece. The owner, Zisis Sapnaras has been an excellent partner.  


PD: Speaking about live performances, do you have a lot of experience? What was your best one until now?

Sonic Blast: Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has obviously, negatively influenced our planned live performances. Our upcoming live performances were supposed to take place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra and Herakleion (Crete), however, due to Covid-19 health restrictions, these live performances have been postponed until further notice.  The most memorable live performance that we experienced, took place in a regional music festival called Sourdstock.


PD: There are a lot of hard rock/metal bands in Greece. What is the whole situation?

Sonic Blast: There are several contemporary Greek Rock/Metal bands. Each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Once again, according to our humble opinion, we can distinguish a few really talented bands. These bands are: Firewind, Wardrum, Silent Winter, Beast in Black, Sorrows Path, Crystal Tears and Sense of Fear.


PD: Do you believe that passion is important about a metal band?

Sonic Blast: Absolutely! Passion and positive energy are the key elements that makes a band have the proper drive and coordination.


PD: The last lines are yours…Thank you so much for this interview!

Sonic Blast: We would like to thank you for this extraordinary experience and the opportunity that you have provided us and made it feasible to directly address your audience! We also thank our fans wherever they currently reside and hope that we all stay safe during this awful pandemic. Rock on and stay tuned!

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