Sonic Addictive – Welcome To Neon City

Sonic Addictive – Welcome To Neon City

This is the review of the EP “Welcome To Neon City” and the French band Sonic Addictive

  1. Intro – Neon City
  2. Mirror of the Unreal
  3. My Winter Storm
  4. </5Hine On>
  5. Goodbye City
  6. My Winter Storm (16 – Bits Version)

“Welcome To Neon City” is the new EP of the French band Sonic Addictive. An EP that brings you joy and happiness when you have it on your hands!

This band is out there ready to conquer this planet (and maybe other planets) with the music. They have ideas that are coming from the near future and with an artwork that get stuck to your mind, Sonic Addictive are ready for a music trip out of space! 6 songs with hybrid style get inside your ears and make you think out of the box with all those rock/metal & electronic elements.

They seem to be really professional to whatever they make and bring on this EP and their techniques remind us big bands which are similar to them. But, the truth is that Sonic Addictive manage to put their unique effort on this EP titled as “Welcome To Neon City” and the result hugs the listener and presents to him the character of the band. This project is like a baby step for the band, but is a big step that makes us feel that we want more from the band. They can reach more and we want that, because they have this special ingredient that will make the band unique if they continue with the same passion like nowadays.

“Welcome To Neon City” is a special work for the band and I have to admit that I loved the vocals and the vibes that are coming out from the music instruments. Guitars and keyboards are connected and this cinematic atmosphere will explode your mind and will expand your boundaries in music! Extremely beautiful work with artistic point of view that you shouldn’t miss!

The new EP of Sonic Addictive is a disc that you need to listen! We need bands like this one and they know how to make you a fan of them! Congratulations my friends from France! Can’t wait to listen to a full length album from you!
Review by Mr Athens 79

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