Solar Flare

Solar Flare
Solar Flare
Release: 15 May 2023

Power metal quintet have unleashed the remaster of their debut self-titled album. The band’s own style is 80s-driven from both sides of the pond, combining European power and flair with American speed and rock-out nature.

“The cat is out of the bag, our first album was remixed/remastered. Huge thanks to Neil Tuuri from Amish Electric Chair Studios with the amazing mix. Now go listen to it!!”

With driving rhythms, soaring harmonies and intricates riffs for days, SOLAR FLARE deliver a thrilling album infused with elements of NWOBHM and melodic metal. Opening with “Medieval”, this ferocious track is an indictment on a society that was brutal in a different way. With a dark and eerie undertone running throughout, “Under The Sun” is about a soldier having to deal with the horrors of war. “Born To Burn” ventures musically in a different direction; the track is an anthem, a real “Highway to Hell” theme. “Pharaoh” also sees the band explore other musical avenues with intriguing harmonies and progressions. Lyrically, the song tells the story of a pharaoh who betrays the behest of his gods for greed and power, leading to the corruption of his mind. “Nous Sommes” returns from the realms of gods and focuses on the real event, written about the shooting in France at a concert. The album’s penultimate offering, “Taken To The Other Side” explores the fear of dying without having done anything worth remembering, while the concluding “A World In My Head” contemplates the enigmatic inner machinations of the human mind.


SOLAR FLARE formed in 2014, a five piece power metal band, based in the village formerly known as Amelia, Ohio. The band have performed with an assortment of major acts, including ANTHRAX, RAVEN, SONATA ARCTICA, ORPHANED LAND, NIGHT DEMON, CROBOT, SPELLCASTER, and JOE LYNN TURNER. SOLAR FLARE’s sound encompasses a high velocity powder keg of Classical influences and modern sensibilities. They originally released their self-titled album in 2020, the new remastered version elevates their epic sound further.


Ethan Jackson – Vocals
Jeff Ables – drums
Codi Davis – Guitbox
Michael “Fish” Fisher – Bass
Garian “the G-man” Perry – Axe


Remixed and remastered at Electric Wheelchair Studios by Neil Tuuri

Solar Flare – Born To Burn

Solar Flare – Medieval

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