Small Town Saviours – Small Town Saviours

Small Town Saviours – Small Town Saviours

Small Town Saviours
Small Town Saviours
Released 27th Jan 23

Reviewed by Victoria Llewelyn

Lance Skybaby – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Skinny Pete – Guitar, Backing Vocals
T Bone – Bass, Backing Vocals
Carl Donaghue- Drums, Backing Vocals

Having been around as a band for quite a few years, this album has been long awaited and highly anticipated.   Having been teased for months with singles dropping accompanied by fiercely entertaining videos, it’s a winner to finally be able to hear the entire body of work in one go.   Upbeat, punk-edged and with a heavy dose of rowdiness familiar to anyone who knows the band and its members, it’s what you want to hear to warm you up this time of year for sure.

Thirteen tracks starting off with the pre released ‘No Rats, No Snakes, No Second Takes’, the self-titled album takes you on a very boisterous journey through the riffs, hooks, beats and attitude of the Saviours, clearly stamping their presence and shouting loud enough for even the most jaded listener to sit up and pay attention to.   Featuring spiky hair, war paint, Sex Pistols style accessories and intriguing stares, they also have an image that delivers as much as the album does – This is what we are, and this is what we do.

The first thing I think when I hear the album is that I really hope they plan to tour it, because these are songs that are crying out for a live audience.   It also feels like a deeply personal album, and I have it on good authority that there’s many a hidden secret in the tracks that only the band (and those who know) would be able to spot.   I love the fast-and-furiousness of E.N.E.M.Y. ,the dark humour and social commentary of ‘Drinking Song’ and ‘Wild West (Berkshire)’, the lamenting of ‘It’s All Going To Hell’.   There’s a fair bit of variety in the styles of these tracks making for much more interesting and flavourful listening.

If punky, riff driven, high-speed rock n’ roll is your thing this album should be on your shopping list for sure.   Small Town Saviours carry quite a vintage sound in their music, reminiscent of 1970s anarchy and the evolution of punk.   Expertly produced, mixed and mastered by the inimitable Dave Draper, the songs manage to sound perfectly polished yet still retain their raw edge, which is a difficult combination to get right.

My favourite track on the album has to be ‘Drama Queens’, it’s so catchy and one you can really imagine yourself bouncing around to on a dirty dancefloor after a few Tequila shots.   Lively, intense and a little bit brutal, it’s just my kinda rock song.

Small Town Saviours will be released on 27th January 2023.

Album Reviewed by Victoria Llewelyn


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