Sloppy Joe’s

Sloppy Joe’s

Since the release of their eponymous debut EP at the end of 2013, the heavy rock band Sloppy Joe’s rock the big stages of the country and quickly earned the reputation as a “great live band with unmistakable sound and great show” (quote: Best Music Talent). The three Rockaholics Jesse Garon (vocals / guitar) Johnny Angel (bass) and Pätzy Dävey (drums) have a simple, hard and honest musical mantra: “It’s rocking!”

Pop songs from bygone days turn the band into thundering heavy rockers and enrich them live with suspicious songs from their current album “Eight Reasons To Rock”. With the first string stop, the audience is part of the show, direct contact never stops. Words such as stuffed songs or boredom can be deleted without hesitation. Here, a blast chases the next, so that it no longer holds the most consistent movement deniers on the seats. Sloppy Joe’sDo not reinvent Rock’n’Roll, but the trio are passionate about hard guitar music and know what matters; on a powerful sound, catchy riffs, emotions and, above all, joy of playing. This musical recipe has already inspired and will carry more generations. The influence of big rock legends can not be discussed away at this point either. Anyone who likes bands like AC / DC, KISS, Motörhead, Volbeat or Black Sabbath will love Sloppy Joe’s .


Discover the rockin ‘soul and asskickin’ sound of an extraordinary band that deserves the name of rock’n’roll. Inspired by true legends like KISS, Volbeat, Iron Maiden or AC / DC the three rockaholics unleash their own unique style of musical impact. Jesse Garon (Guitar / Vocals), Johnny Angel (Bass) and Pätzy Dävey (Drums) are providing blistering guitar riffs, cutting ass bass and heavy drums. The band also gives “rock’n’roll soul” to the past five decades of music by cheesy pop hits like this: Love really hurts without you (Billy Ocean), Delilah (Tom Jones) or Diana(Paul Anka) with a never seen live concept. That’s how the band shows imposingly what rock’n’roll is about. It’s out there, right here, just in front of you – so take the powerful rock infusion of Sloppy Joe’s . Since the release of their first EP in 2013 the band has performed more than 100 live concerts in Europe!


05/2013 – First live appearance @ Indra Club, Hamburg / Germany (secret show) 
12/2013 – Release of self-titled Sloppy Joe’s EP
07/2015 – Sloppy Joe’s wins the “Global Battle of the Bands” (GBOB) in Berlin / Germany ( 
09/2016 – Release of the Album / Longplayer Eight Reasons To Rock
12/2016 – Sloppy Joe’s receives “Bestmusic Talent Award” for the song Eat Sloppy Joe’s (

Sloppy Joe’s – The Journey

Sloppy Joe’s – Devil’s Music

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