Iommium Records
Release: 27 August 202

Australian metallers Yanomamö and Northern Irish outfit Slomatics have produced an epic collaboration.  The split 7” blue vinyl, releasing via Iommium Records, contains their tracks ‘Griefhound’ and ‘Dig 2 Graves’.

“Griefhound was originally recorded at a time when most of our songs seemed to have a dystopian negativity, I think we were reading a lot of Philip K Dick at the time. We like to think our music now is more uplifting, but given the past 18 months we felt a return to dystopian dirge may be appropriate” – Slomatics

“I’d had the main riff for about 2 years & I knew it was going to be a filthy groove … I couldn’t come up with anything to finish it off & then our drummer at the time Jack came up with the end riff which was a perfect match. I hope this song makes the listener feel like they’re being slowly dragged through thick mud … lyrically, I had the idea of a song about revenge and Scott (our singer) did an amazing job of capturing that” – Yanomamö

Slomatics’ ‘Griefhound’ delivers utterly overdriven, distorted guitars. The doom and sludge inspired sounds combine with a psychedelic element. It’s not all haze as the guitar fuzz that consumes all in its path suddenly dissipates revealing, for a moment, a serene, ethereal plain. The track is vast, exploring an unbeknown or measurable area of space. Vocals sit somewhere off into the distance of the distorted wasteland. It’s heavy, dirty, and eerily compelling. ‘Dig 2 Graves’ drag you to the depths with demonic vocals. Solid distorted guitars form a wall of sound whilst bass motifs sneakily input a bluesy feel. Bringing a psychedelic groove into the mix, the track manipulates the heavy sound with a transportive nature transcending boundaries of genre and style. Fully immersed in void of dark imagery, Yanomamö evoke a haunting mood.

Yanomamö and Slomatics both carry distinctive sounds that unveil their own identities. The two tracks featuring on the vinyl complement each other excellently. Exploring soundscapes of immense scales, and driven by distorted instrumentation, the result is a mesmerizing experience..

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