Sleeping Around

Sleeping Around

Sleeping Around’s new single ‘Cigarettes’ is out now

Cigarettes convey a feeling many of us often become engulfed by, the notion of despair and utter loneliness. At the time I was living in New York City, heartbroken and deeply missing a past love, I began to self isolate and constantly chain smoke all while staring out the window of my small bedroom longing for her. I was always searching for her replacement which led me to operate on much lower frequencies instead of letting the past go and moving forward. However, the moment I stopped searching for new love and focused my energy on just being in love with my own self and being that sense of despair and loneliness slowly began to drift away just like the smoke emitting from the tip of a cigarette blowing away with the wind.

Sleeping Around define themselves as somewhere between Nu-Metal & Emo Rap.

Jamming since the 8th grade, the band didn’t truly form until after high school in 2016. They took a long break from 2017-2019 and it wasn’t until this year that they’ve really started putting in time and effort to make this dream a reality.

Sleeping Around – Cigarettes

Sleeping Around – She Wants Me Dead

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