Skyliner I Walk Alone (Heavy Power Metal)

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida , SKYLINER is a wave of discontent and a voyage to freedom, with a progressive mind’s eye at the center of the storm. Lyrically esoteric, insightful, or emotionally shipwrecked, a tide of vocal wails and roars collides with pure toned, high-volume guitars, bass, and drums, an alchemical marriage recalling the classic era of heavy and power metal while adding new stones onto that eternal foundation.

“ Dark Rivers, White Thunder ” also sees the band exploring some more earthy, tribal themes and underpinnings, both lyrically and musically, helping to define the feel and atmosphere of the record.

Fans of Devin Townsend , Royal Hunt , and Eternal Champion are going to love Skyliner ! Their new album, Dark Rivers, White Thunder, has progressive musicianship mixed with elements of traditional heavy metal. Skyliner has several ranges of vocal styles, starting with epic Iron Maiden -esque wailing, screaming that is reminiscent of Judas Priest , and sinister growls that will make any death metal head happy. All of that is tied together with a thunderous rhythm section that will have you fist pumping the sky in no time! – Zach Moonshine

The new full length album ” Dark Rivers, White Thunder ” was released on January 30th!

Track Listing:

  1. Break The Surface
  2. Dark Rivers, White Thunder
  3. The Ghost Messenger
  4. God With No Heaven
  5. Catch A Dream
  6. The Singing Shaman (Fire Stomp)
  7. Winter Witch Moon (Spell Of Ice)
  8. We Of The Shadows
  9. Bleed
  10. Night Gypsies
  11. I Walk Alone

Skyliner – I Walk Alone

Skyliner – Catch A Dream

Skyliner – Dark Rivers, White Thunder

Skyliner – Warhawk

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