We’re SkyBurnsRed: an alternative rock band with a violinist amongst our ranks who create sweeping, epic music combining thunderous riffs with elegant sweeping melodies and impassioned vocals.

Following our two well received EPs, we released our debut album “Machines” in May 2014 as our defining musical statement. Embodying our best work to date we are now on course to set the world to rights as we embark on playing up and down the country to win the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere.

SkyBurnsRed believe that there is an unbridled honesty in four people playing real musical instruments together that is being seemingly lost amongst the overly-processed acts of today.

Our aim: to restore that balance. Join us in the revolution!

SkyBurnsRed – Say It Ain’t So

SkyBurnsRed – Pens Down

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