Skarlett Roxx

Formed in 2020, Skarlett Roxx’s determination and love to play music would not be denied by a global pandemic. They would meet in the middle of nowhere to practice in a barn full of bats to hone their craft.  When the world opened up again, Skarlett Roxx came out with guns a blazing and is bringing the public high voltage and high energy shows every chance they get.

Lizzy Jaxx, Deuce Mac, Kaiden Smith, and Ash Lee will melt your faces with their originals being recorded for their debut album.  Check out our event page for upcoming shows.  Roxx will bring you a little sleaze, a little punk, a little glam, and a whole lot of energy and fun.  The world needs more fun!

Kaiden Smith: Lead guitar/backing vocals

Dominating the lead guitar licks for Skarlett Roxx is Kaiden Smith! Kaiden is the ultimate headbanger and loves to move around the stage. Kaiden’s high energy performances can be defined as perpetual motion. Writing and playing killer riffs just comes natural to Skarlett Roxx’s axe master. 

Kaiden’s primary influences are guitarists from the 1980’s like Archie Cruz of Santa Cruz, Harry K Cody of Shotgun Messiah, Andy Timmons of Danger Danger as well as Joe Holmes and Gene Allen of Lizzy Borden.  

“What really made me want to pick up a guitar was the band Santa Cruz. I had always been into all types of metal and rock since I was a kid, but the solos and breakdowns have always been my favorite parts of songs. I knew I wanted to be in a band, but one day my dad showed me the “My Remedy” music video by Santa Cruz and I was like holy shit, this is what I want to do.”-Kaiden Smith

Favorite Skarlett Roxx song-“Skarlett’s Web”


Deuce Mac: Rhythm guitar/Lead & backing vocals

Deuce Mac fronts the band with style on rhythm guitar. Deuce adds showmanship, energy and song writing to the Skarlett Roxx team.  

Attending rock concerts with his dad since the age of 5 drew Deuce to the theatrical shows of bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Ghost.

“I remember the first song I tried learning on guitar was “Poison” by Alice Cooper. Then I tried “Big City Nights by the Scorpions and I just took off from there while in junior high school. I never really knew I was built for this until it just happened, and then I fell in love with being on stage and moving around.” 

“Growing up I always loved watching the solos being played and listening to them as well, but as I got older I really wanted to do what Paul Stanley does in Kiss and have fun playing guitar, but also be a showman and sing. I’m fortunate to find the three band mates that I have to rock with me. I can’t wait to see you at the next show.”

Favorite Skarlett Roxx song-“Taste Your Tongue”


Ash Lee: Drums, Backing Vocals & MILF Hunter

The native Oklahoman completed the foursome in 2020.  Ash was so committed to being in a rock band he let three complete strangers blindfold him and take him to a barn in the middle of Nowhere, IA to try out to be Skarlett Roxx’s drummer.

Ash has been playing the drums since the age of six and grew up on hair metal and punk bands.  Ash’s drumming influences are Travis Barker, Cyrus Bolooki, Tommy Lee, Wild Mick Brown, and C.C. from Black Veil Brides. However, Ash Lee is actually an avid guitar collector.  He spends all of his extra cash on guitars. At any time he owns about 20 guitars mainly from the 80’s and Ash loves to kid his band mates that he is actually the best guitarist in the band. 

 “What made me want to play music most was Ronnie Radkey saying I looked gay, but had cool hair at a Falling in Reverse concert. I felt like the rock and metal community gave me a place that I belonged. I fit in with all of the cool hair. ” 

Favorite Skarlett Roxx song:”To the Barrel”


Lizzy Jaxx: Bass/Lead Vocals

Founding member of Skarlett Roxx and bringing the thunder on the bass is none other than Lizzy Jaxx! Lizzy Jaxx is a high energy, in your face performer who feels destined for Rock N Roll superstardom. He picked up his first bass in junior high school and has never looked back.

Primarily influenced by his favorite hard rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s such as Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith and Motley Crue, Jaxx wears those very influences on his sleeve and they standout in his songwriting.

“I think bass players are always the overlooked piece of the puzzle. A lot of people want to play guitar or be a singer, but there’s something about bass that really fit with me. I’ve always loved the bass lines I grew up hearing from artists like Tom Hamilton, Duff McKagan, Nikki Sixx, and Steve Harris.”

“Ever since I could walk, I had a microphone or some sort of instrument in my hands. I remember hearing Mötley Crüe for the first time and knowing that was exactly what I wanted to do.” -Lizzy Jaxx

Favorite Skarlett Roxx song: “Love Machine”

Skarlett Roxx – King of the Dead

Skarlett Roxx – Love Machine

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