Hamburg Ska giants Skaramanga. With sweaty beats they drive the celebration community before them, always in search of the next common climax. If you do not believe it, you should simply make your own picture and let yourself be carried away into the black and white world of the 9 Skastronauts.

Old-known song material mixes with reggae-tunes and own songs in a 2-tone robe.

Redman Andy – Vocals, Megaphone / Eddy – Bass / Florian – Keys & Vocals / Markus – Guitar / Christian – Drums & Vocals / Patrick – Tenor Sax / Nicole – Bari – Sax / Timo – Trombone / Christian – Trumpet / Henning – Trumpet

Skaramanga – Ska Ska

Skaramanga – Phrasemonger

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Band location – Hamburg Germany

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