Siren’s Rain

Siren’s Rain

Siren's Rain

Conceived in the Pacific Northwest, Siren’s Rain is composed of hard hitting and eclectic musicians ranging from traditional folk artists to blackened death metal players.

Heavily influenced by multicultural traditional pieces, Siren’s Rain delivers a hauntingly beautiful yet driving metal experience, weaving tapestries of songs together like coordinated brush strokes on an intricate tableau.

We are finishing the Mixing and Mastering of some new tracks for our upcoming Album and are working actively with festivals all over the world to try and line up some major festival and tour appearances. 
In short we have been growing and playing extremely quickly and hope to continue expanding our amazing fan base. 

Hellzinger – Vocals. 

Stokely – Hurdy Gurdy, Violin, Vocals.

Sir William – Bass, Vocals. 

Amanda – Harp, Accordion, Keys. 

Michael – Drums. 

Måthias – Violin, Mandolin. 

Kyle – Guitar. 

Edly – Guitar. 

Contributing musicians: Stewert – Pipes.

The biggest thing that makes us stand out I believe is our sound, we are almost all classically trained musicians and we are not (as you will hear) merely an attempt to copy European Folk Metal, like many of the bands out there. 

Siren’s Rain Cadence of Torment

Siren’s Rain – Acerglyn & The Mermaid’s Reverie

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