Sinister King – All Is Vanity

Sinister King – All Is Vanity

SINISTER KING – EP “All Is Vanity”( 26 Νοvember 2021, self-release)

  1. A Cure For Insomnia
  2. Sanctuary Rage
  3. All Is Vanity
  4. Still Here
  5. Death Of All Joy

I was very pleased when the debut EP of Sinister King landed on my desk for a review. I had checked their official video for “Still Here” and I was really impressed! My first impression was that they were a modern hard-heavy band with great melodies and beautiful vocals from their singer.

Now, after some hearings of their “All Is Vanity” EP my first impression hasn’t change. The Norvege worked really hard on their compositions and also left their mark within their songs. And maybe the band doesn’t innovate through their music, but the result is really outstanding

What really impressed me more is that they worked a lot about the details. Great melodies and well-structured songs. Although the songs are complicated, you can remember all the melodies. To tell the truth the whole band sounds in shape. Killer drumming along with the ideal bass lines that give the proper thickness to the music. The guitarists have also delivered some very clever riffs and solos that fit perfectly with the album’s atmosphere. The guitars add some progressive touch to the whole outcome.

I can’t stop listening to some of their songs and admiring their beautiful music!. The songs I’ve listened more are the above mentioned “Still Here” and their second video ‘A Cure For Insomnia”, but I also dig the other 3 songs! Every song features beautiful melodics, and even the chord progressions are highly memorable and kind of hummable. The production is also crystal clear and massive!


 Sinister King did all the proper steps to the right direction and they made a great first EP. Congrats and well done guys and we wait for the first full album in the near future!

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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