Show Your Face – The Definer

Show Your Face – The Definer

SHOW YOUR FACE – album “The Definer”(2023)

  1. Forever Bleed
  2. The Descent
  3. Shot At Dawn
  4. Reformatory
  5. Left Behine
  6. Out Of Reach
  7. Echoes

“The Definer” is a record that stands out for its utter lack of fillers, consisting of seven songs that exude unparalleled heaviness and power. Show Your Face skillfully blends elegance with raw explosiveness, creating an extreme metal sound that leaves a lasting impact on listeners. Show Your Face has truly excelled, delivering an album that feels complete and captivating despite its concise 23-minute duration.

The album begins with the thunderous and jaw-dropping deathcore anthem, “Forever Bleed.” Blast beats and aggressive riffs dominate the track, complemented by melodic lines that provide a beautiful contrast to the heaviness, reminiscent of bands like Heaven Shall Burn and their melodic deathcore sound. While firmly rooted in deathcore, Show Your Face masterfully weaves in intriguing influences from various genres and bands.

Though unmistakably deathcore, “The Descent” and “Left Behind” bear a subtle resemblance to the explosive and industrialized extreme metal of Anaal Nathrakh, with blast beats sounding like firing machine guns. “Left Behind” particularly incorporates straightforward death metal elements, intensifying the heaviness and infusing the music with a strong sense of aggressive grooves.

As the album approaches its conclusion, Show Your Face unleashes what I believe to be the pinnacle of the album – “Out of Reach.” Infused with distinct death metal ideas, this track stands out thanks to the guitars’ Grindcore-influenced sound that adds a filthy sharp edge to the overall song and an extra layer of dirt and distortion.

“The Definer” is further elevated by its stunning and solid production, which flawlessly carries the weight of the compositions and delivers a punchy and clear sound. This underground deathcore work from Greece is an absolute must-listen.

In summary, Show Your Face has crafted a remarkable musical experience that transcends its brevity. “The Definer” is a tour de force of extreme metal, leaving an indelible impression on anyone who ventures into its sonic realm.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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