Raw, Uncensored, Unapologetic..Forget What You Know. THIS IS SEVERITAS ! 
SEVERITAS was born into the harsh North Dakota environment, and forged in combat in the blazing deserts of Iraq and Africa, and the rigors of daily life. Brandon, David, Levi, and Mike take a stand against a lifetime full of trials and tribulations, relationships, a generation lost from war, and the hypocrisy that comes with it all. 
So, strap yourself in for a mind bending, hair raising, bone chilling ride of truth. Prepare for the punishment of SEVERITAS ! 
Cathartic and guttural tones expel from the depths of Brandon’s soul. Gut wrenching screams and haunting tones reverberate through the halls of your life, gripping your heart in his hands. He shocks your senses, manipulates your mind. 
David’s unique stylizations on the bass truly grasps every song and emotion put forth, making him stand alone in his craft. Unforgettable melodies and stinging string pulls accentuate the musical landscape and take you to a place where he is the master of his domain. 
Levi’s blistering guitar riffs create a controlled chaos on the brink of madness, breaking the mold and destroying boundaries and decimating barriers. His fingers dance upon the fret board like a perfectly orchestrated dance, mesmerizing you with his decadent notes. 
Mike’s precise, consistent, and attack driven drumming makes sense of the mayhem, with his cymbals cutting through like a scalpel to skin, his snare cracks like a hammer to your head, and his toms and double bass presents itself as the backbone of the beast. 
Despite their anger and intensity, you can’t help but to be struck by veins of sadness and regret. From friends and families’ lives lost, exemplified in “Forget What You Know”, to the price we pay for our mistakes, captured perfectly in “Not Sorry,” driving through into insanity brought forth by the end, enraptured and executed by “Patina Omega,” SEVERITAS is truly a tour de force, a freight train that cannot be stopped.

Severitas – Pharmageddon

Severitas – Safe Space

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