Sertraline Are Looking For A New Vocalist – Auditions Are Open Now

Following the (amicable) departure of frontwoman Lizzie Parry, Northern progressive / melodic metallers Sertraline are opening up the search for their new vocalist. Guitarists Tom Wilson and Mike Hawkings and drummer Si Douglas are looking for someone to fill Lizzie’s considerable shoes. For anyone who thinks they are up to the job – here are the details of how to get involved.

The audition deadline is the 14th of December. The band would like to receive an audition of applicants singing two songs: a Sertraline track of their choice, and a cover, also of their choice. Despite always having previously had a frontwoman, they will consider applications of any gender and are eager to see what applicants think they could bring to the future of Sertraline. Ability to both scream and sing is a plus, but screaming isn’t mandatory.

Full information is available on this Facebook post (please read all details before applying). Interested parties should send their auditions to

Sertraline recently released their new single CODA – the final single from the band to feature both Lizzie Parry on vocals and Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson on bass. A fitting chapter for the end of this current version of Sertraline, featuing all the elements one would expect from one of their songs, but with hints of a possible new direction for the future too.

SERTRALINE unveil new single CODA
Lyric Video For Final Single Featuring Vocalist
Lizzie Parry Is Out Now

CODA is a huge moment in the history of Sertraline; The final single from the band to feature both Lizzie Parry on vocals and Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson on bass, it’s the end of the beginning for the Northern progressive tech metallers. But, if you’re going to close a chapter in the life of your band, this is one hell of a way to do it. 

Famed in UK metal circles for Lizzie’s dual vocal approach alongside the monstrous riffs of Mike Hawkings and Tom Wilson and Si Douglas’ precision drumming, Coda changes tack ever so slightly. Drawing on the more progressive and melodic elements of their sound, it will leave the listener wondering if Sertraline wanted something of a more peaceful, serene send off for Lizzie. Then the breakdown hits, the fierce vocals come roaring back, and fans new and old alike have a song that is both a fantastic statement for the future of Sertraline and a great way to end this current version of the band. 

Check out the lyric video for Coda below:

Coda is also available to stream and download on assorted digital platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Apple Music.

For more on the significance of Coda – here’s half of Sertraline’s six string attack Mike Hawkings:

“Coda says exactly what we want it to say from both Lizzie’s and the remaining members’ perspectives, namely that this is the end of an incredibly significant part of our lives, but very much the beginning of another. It’s a very challenging one to play but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! I’m glad that we leave people with a song like this before we go into our cocoon and emerge as something a little different in a few months time.”

Coda follows the release of Vivid, which was released at the end of September and the first part of the Sertraline Autumn single double header.

Vivid is available from all good outlets right now, to purchase and stream. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.


Lizzie – Vocals
Mike – Guitar
Tom – Guitar
Hendo – Bass 
Si – Drums

Sertraline – Coda

Sertraline – Vivid

Lizzie Parry “I’m Leaving Sertraline” Announcement

Sertraline – 2205

Sertraline – Isolation

Sertraline – Inside Out

Sertraline -Relapse

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