Sense Of Fear – As The Ages Passing By…

Sense Of Fear – As The Ages Passing By…

SENSE OF FEAR – “As the ages passing by” (Rockshots records, 20 April 2018)

  1. Molten Core
  2. Slaughter Of Innocence
  3. Black Hole
  4. Angel Of Steel
  5. The Song Of A Nightingale
  6. Torture Of Mind
  7. Lord Of The World
  8. Unbreached Walls
  9. Sense Of Fear
  10. As The Ages Passing By, Time Still Runs Against Us


Formed more than 20 years ago, in fact in 1998 as Holy Prophecy, the band changed name only one year later to Sense of Fear. They never made it to release anything before they split up in 2007. In 2012 they were reformed and a year later their same titled debut EP was out. 5 years after the debut EP, in 2018, they released their debut full length album “As the Ages Passing By…”.

Sense of Fear had some changes in their line up through the years, but the core of the band which is both guitars and drums remain the same since 1999. Sense of Fear come from the northern part of Greece and are devoted to heavy metal.

“As the Ages Passing By…” is not a nostalgic album. I would call it rather fresh. In fact, there is a mixture in it of the right portions of what we called heavy metal in the 80’s and that is old school (some call it traditional) heavy metal with thrash and speed metal.

The songwriting maybe be basic, but it is effective. The songs are memorable and have a personal style, something that most of the modern productions lack. Sense of Fear are faithful to the music they love.

The riffs are as said kept to basic, but they are used in a clever way to structure nice songs. The melodic guitar themes add in nice variations to the heavy metal feeling of the album. The rhythm section is fine and the vocals have an aggressive tone with the furious metal anger of early Judas Priest and Running Wild.

The band made a good choice in picking out “Molten Core”, “Torture of Mind”, “Unbreached Walls” and “Black Hole” to make lyric videos for, because these songs are perfectly representing the whole album.

“As the Ages Passing By…” is not just an album, it is a reward for Sense of Fear. It is their debut which comes out almost 20 years after the band’s formation and as such it is a reward for their persistence and hard work to keep the band’s name alive and overcome the problems. This is a victory and as such it should be granted to the band.

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