Sedate Illusion – Sedate Illusion

Sedate Illusion – Sedate Illusion

SEDATE ILLUSION – album “Sedate Illusion” (7 September 2022, self-release)


  1. What If
  2. Does It Matter
  3. Time Is Not The End
  4. Stars


  1. Breathe
  2. Elevated
  3. Black Untold
  4. Inside The Void

Since the 8 songs included in the upcoming, self-titled album of the Sedate Illusion differentiate aesthetically, the band decided to split the album in two separate EPs. By doing so, the incoherency that would otherwise occur has been avoided, and the Sedate Illusion can proudly present a stunning and captivating progressive metal album.

In order for the album to feel cohesive, the two EPs need to have a common denominator that will work as a basis for the album to unfold. In the “Sedate Illusion”, the denominator is the exceptionally clean and polished production, as well as, the inspiring lyrics. The Sedate Illusion offer a smooth listening experience, finely tuned that has room and space for every instrument. There is no overlapping, and the sound feels massive, like an unbreakable wall of sound. As for the lyrics, the band delivers some really powerful lyrics, while some of the ideas presented are not only interesting but, also, thought provoking. With each having its own distinct musical style, the lyrics adapt perfectly and play a key part in the overall experience.

Beginning with the first EP, entitled “Time is not the End”, the Sedate Illusion deliver a progressive sound that to me seemed inspired by bands like the Fates Warning. The first half is characterized by hefty, chunky riffs, punchy and creative bass lines and some incredibly precise and musical drum work. The overall aesthetic of the “Time is not the End” could be described as upbeat, especially when it is compared to the other half of the album. The opening song of the EP, entitled “What If”, is a musically unique work, since it blends the straightforward progressive metal with some influences that reminded me of Paradise Lost. The final product is a great progressive metal track, with a gothic undertone that really compliments it.

In the “Black Untold”, Sedate Illusion leap into melancholy and darkness, with the artwork being the visualization of the EP’s sound. The “Black Untold” is described by more aggressive riffs and beautifully haunting melodic lines that create a contrast to the gloom atmosphere of the EP. Also, the vocal duet with the singer Lia Kolita, in the track “Black Untold”, is one of the most memorable moments of the album, combining the heavy, aggressive and groovy riffing with the chilling vocal performance. The second EP, and the album, closes with the track “Inside the Void”, a haunting and melodic ballad, a really fitting finale for the record.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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