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Sealand Airlines

Sealand Airlines
Sealand Airlines
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Ukrainian prog-rock quartet Sealand Airlines are the result of four musicians with different tastes, getting together to create something unique and unexpected. Four wannabe journalists with a taste for telling stories in their own way. Their songs are filled to the brim with science fiction, action and allusions to cinema and pop culture; set to the sound of a mix of 70’s rock, 80’s synthesizers, jazzy Rhodes and organs, bass riffs with layers and inventive drum patterns.

Sealand Airlines music is born as the result of the compromise between the different musical tastes of each band member. Every different element is brought by each bandmate’s own, personal taste; prog-rock, kraut, psychedelic, hard rock, electronic, synth-pop, and even some pure pop motifs are just a few of the influences that can be listed. The wide array of inspiration allows for the unexpected mix of sounds and impressions, taking the listener for a musical journey through each of their tracks.

The band finds their lyrical inspiration in their fascination for movies and pop culture, using two main methods for creating their thought out lyrics. The first one is more certain, dynamic and action-packed, based on B-movies and science-fiction with doses of surrealism. The second one is more symbolic with intelligent puns and allusions to the culture, literature and recognition of classic or art-house movies.

The band’s debut will be released by The Sign Records on November 27th, 2020. A crossgenre album consisting of 8 tracks; each one exploring a different theme or sound.

The album will be released on vinyl, CD and digital format.

Sealand Airlines:

Andrii Davydenko – Keyboards, backing vocal
Mykhailo Kanafotskyi – Guitars
Artem Bemba – Bass, vocals, keyboards, violin, flute
Iurii Khomik – Drums, percussion, backing vocal

Sealand Airlines – We Have What We Have

Sealand Airlines – Revenge

Sealand Airlines – Railway Man

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