Sanguine are a four piece female fronted alternative metal/rock band from Exeter, UK. First formed back in 2004 Sanguine started as a prog-rock band…Tarin explains “we knew we loved heavier music, it just took a while for us to discover who we were, we just kept getting heavier, when I first started out I didn’t even scream!”

A few years later Sanguine formed the sound it is today, hard hitting driving metal and rock riffs, mixtures of melodies, vocal ranges which include screams and singing both from front-woman Tarin Kerrey and guitarist Nick Magee. Sanguine have created a new unique sound, jumping between styles their eclectic song writing keep you guessing what the next track will sound like. Nick explains “we know who we sound like, each song is like it’s own world. The various styles we write in do not detract from the fact that overall our songs sound like Sanguine, no one else…we are Sanguine.”

Sanguine’s new album BLACK SHEEP is due for release in 2016, it features tracks co-written with Jesper Strömblad (In Flames) and produced by Daniel Flores. Already receiving rave reviews from the press the album is pushing Sanguine forward into new frontiers with the album due to be released across UK, Europe and Japan.

Sanguine – Empty

Sanguine – The Blue

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